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Big Bend Ranch State Park, Rio Grande, Sunset, Sunset Colors

Rio Grande

A panoramic view of Mexico from the other side of the Rio Grande in Big Bend Ranch State Park. Photographed in the fall of 2018.

Big Bend Ranch State Park, LE, La Cuesta, Long Exposure, Long Exposure Photography, Rio Grande, Silky Water, Sunset, Time Lapse

Sunset at La Cuesta

I photographed this sunset at La Cuesta in Big Bend Ranch State Park during a recent visit to the area. La Cuesta and Big Hill are along Highway 170 located about half way between Presidio and Terlingua.

Big Bend National Park, Dorgan House

Dorgan House Sunset

Another Dorgan House Sunset photo from my trip to Big Bend National Park last December. I can only imagine what the Dorgan family’s day was like, especially with their 360-degree views of the wonderful area.

Big Bend National Park, Dorgan House

View of Castellon

I photographed this view of Castellon Mountain at sunset from the Dorgan house which is located at the end of the Dorgan-Sublett Trail in Big Bend National Park.

Brewster County, Hen Egg Mountain, North County Road

West Texas Sunset

A west Texas sunrise photographed in the area North of Terlingua, Texas in a region called the Terlingua Badlands. This is a new area for me and one I intend to return to frequently.

Big Bend National Park, Ocotillo Field, Sunset, Sunset Colors

Prickly Pear Sunset

A prickly pear sunrise during my trip to Big Bend NP in the fall of 2017. The skies were filled with clouds which made for a great sunset.

Brewster County, Hen Egg Mountain, North County Road

Hen Egg Mountain

Hen Egg Mountain in southwestern Berwster County at sunset. This ia a new location for me. I scouted it in April of this year.

Austin Sunset

The Austin skyline as seen during the summer of 2015. The skyline has dramatically changed since then as there are a lot of new buildings.

Big Bend National Park

Sunset Sky

Another great sunset sky in Big Bend NP. Photographing into the sun is very tricky and one must find a balance to capture the image details.

Hemingway Sunset

Hemingway Sunset

I photographed this Hemingway Sunset in the Hemingway Buttress area of the Joshua Tree NP during the start of a night photography workshop.

Lone Joshua Tree

Lone Joshua Tree

I photographed this lone Joshua Tree while visiting the Hall of Horrors area in the Joshua Tree National Park in the spring of 2017.

Joshua Tree Sunset

Joshua Tree Sunset

A Joshua Tree sunset photographed in the Hidden Valley area of the Joshua Tree NP. I used my special technique to obtain another starburst.

Cap Rock Sunset

Cap Rock Sunset

I photographed this Cap Rock Sunset during my recent trip to the Joshua Tree National Park to attend a night photography workshop.

Captain Chen II

Captain Chen II

This photograph of the “Captain Chen II” was taken near Fulton Harbor in the Rockport, TX area during my trip there last week.

Copano Bay Sunset

Copano Bay Sunset

I captured this Copano Bay Sunset from the Howard Murph Memorial Park during my recent trip to Rockport, Texas. I photographed here before.

Fulton Beach

Ferries and Gators

Yesterday was another busy day in the Rockport area. I rode two ferries to cross the channel and I saw several gators.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Setup.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Setup

My trip to Rockport was without incident. After completing my planned activities I headed to Howard Murph Memorial Park for a sunset photo.

Rockport Sunset

Rockport Beach Sunset

I was going through my photographs from last year’s trip to the Texas Gulf Coast when I ran across this Rockport beach sunset photograph.


Waiting Photographer

I captured this photograph of a waiting photographer during my trip to Rockport, TX last year. He patiently stood there until the sun set.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Sunset

Rockport Sunset

I captured this Rockport Sunset during my trip to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge last February to photograph the wonderful birds there.

Badlands, Big Bend National Park, Moonrise, Sunset

Badlands of Big Bend

Another sunset photograph of the Badlands of Big Bend NP. This location is now a regular stop during my photography trips to the park.

Lake Butte Overlook, Sunset, Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Sunset

Following a nice dinner at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel, we headed out to Yellowstone Lake to try and capture a great Yellowstone sunset.

Desert Flora Sunset

I photographed this desert flora sunset during my trip to Big Bend NP last year. The clouds were sparse but the desert flowers were amazing.

Austin Skyline

Storm Over Austin

I always keep an eye on the forecast. I went out earlier this week to take advantage of nearby storms to photograph the Storm over Austin.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Sunset

Coastal Sunset

This coastal sunset photo is another one from my trip to Rockport. It was taken a couple of minutes before the photo of the The Photographer.

Austin Skyline, Sunset, Zilker Park Clubhouse

Full Moon Over Austin

This image of the full moon over Austin was taken just a couple of minutes prior to the image I posted yesterday titled “Howl at the Moon”.

Sunset Reflection

Sunset Reflection

At first I was not too excited about this photograph but then I decided that there was more to it than the sunset reflection on the water.

Last Rays

Last Rays

I enjoy capturing the colorful last rays of a sunset. This was the case when I captured this photo during my trip to Pedernales Falls SP.

Clifton Sunset

Clifton Sunset

I drove up Chapman’s Peak Drive on my way back to Cape Town from the Cape of Good Hope and stopped in the town of Clifton. This is where I captured this sunset.

Stormy Plantation


After capturing the photo from yesterday’s post, I moved closer to capture a closeup of the Blue Gum Tree tree rows, the remaining sunset and the stormy clouds.

Stormy Skies

Stormy Plantation

Upon arrival to our final destination in South Africa, we could not help but notice the miles of Blue Gum Tree plantations. Literally thousands of acres.

Santa Elena

One of our favorite photography locations in the Big Bend National Park is Santa Elena Canyon. We usually photograph the canyon at sunrise and we decided to try a sunset shot as well.

Big Bend National Park, Ocotillo Field, Sunset

Big Bend #4

We usually stop at the “Ocotillo Fields” near the park entrance to photograph the sunset on our first day at the Park. The official road is Texas Highway 118 and it’s named “Panther Junction Road”.

Sunset on Lake Austin

Popular Sunset

This is the second image of this sunset from my photo shoot back in January. The silhouetted trees reflecting in the water attracted me to this location.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Sunset


This is what is called a composite photograph. It is not a “real” photograph as it is made up of multiple photographs, ten photographs to be exact.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Sunset

Sunset Colors

This photograph was taken during my recent trip to Rockport, at the Howard Murph Park a few minutes before “The Photographer” photo that I posted previously.

Practice Landing


This is another image from my recent trip to Rockport, TX. In this photograph, the pilot is conducting a practice landing and take-off drill.

Downtown Austin


I can’t believe this is my 200th post. It has definitely exceeded my expectations. It seems like it was only the other day that I was writing my 150th post.

Downtown Austin


Although ATX stands for many other things, people in the Austin area refer to Austin as ATX (Austin, TX). So, this is an ATX skyline at dusk.


This Austin skyline is not only one of my favorite images and is the first image I posted. I thought it was deserving as the celebratory 150th post image.

Big Sunset

Another “Big Sunset” from my trip to Big Bend NP earlier this year. The photo was taken from a hilltop near the Rio Grande Village Campground.

Denver City Park Sunset


I posted an image titled “Fire in the Sky” last month that was taken at the Denver City Park. This starburst image was taken about 20 minutes before. the clouds turned the color of fire

Denver City Park

Fire in the Sky

Sunsets in the west seem more intense. Is it the dry air? I captured this amazing sky during a trip to Denver. It’s as though there was fire in the sky.

Green River Basin Sunset

Same but Different

This post is very similar to the post I did yesterday. It’s the same but different. It’s the same area, same day, same general time of day, both are panoramas but, there are two distinct differences.

Enchanted Rock SP at Sunset

Enchanted Sunset

I had the opportunity to go the Enchanted Rock State Park to shoot an enchanted sunset. We scouted the area and decided to shoot the rock reflecting off of Moss Lake.

Big Bend NP Sunset

Desert Sunset

Another sunset from my trip earlier this year to Big Bend National Park. I posted another desert sunset last week. This image was taken a few minutes earlier.

Sunset at Namalu Bay in Maui

Sunset at Kapalua Bay (Maui)

I had the opportunity to travel to Maui in the spring of 2015. What a wonderful island. I spent time hiking the trails near the Pools at Ohe’o and taking sunset pictures near Kapalua Bay.

Austin Skyline Panorama

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I took this image from the pedestrian walkway on the soutside of the river near downtown Austin. The magnificent colors in the clouds backlit the image.