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Howard Murph Memorial Park Setup

I made it to my final destination yesterday without incident. I stopped for lunch in Lockhart, TX but opted out from having their famous barbecue for a new farm to table restaurant but my meal choice was not very good. So, I should have had BBQ… I arrived in Rockport mid-afternoon after scouting the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. I checked in to my hotel, got some supplies at the local grocery store and rested for a few minutes before heading out to Howard Murph Memorial Park to photograph the sunset. I have been to the park to photograph the sunset before so it was a familiar place. I believe in returning to the same place as the environment changes and new compositions are always available. The photograph below was taken a few minutes before brilliant array of sunset colors were displayed.

Today’s agenda includes a sunrise photograph in a new location (however the clouds may not cooperate), a trip to a new coffee shop for some good coffee, spend the morning at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge and sunset at a new location. Stay tuned for the processed photos in the days ahead.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Setup.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Setup

This image was taken with my iPhone 7 Plus using its back dual camera. The camera was set on Normal mode with the aperture set at f/1.8, shutter speed at 1/3000th of a second and the ISO set at 20. This is a single image processed in Lightroom.

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