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Texas Wildflower Species

Focus Stacking, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Texas Wildflowers

American Basket Flower

The American basket flower is a 1 1/2-5 ft. annual with a stout, leafy, much-branched stem and lavender-pink, filamentous flower heads with cream-colored centers.

Apache Plume, Fallugia paradoxa, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Ponil

Apache Plume

Apache Plume is one of our showiest native western shrubs. The plant blooms with single white flowers that set fluffy pink seed heads.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Texas Wildflowers

Autumn Sage

Autumn sage is a soft, mounding shrub normally 2-3 ft. tall, with small, mintily aromatic green leaves that are evergreen in warmer climates.

Baby Blue Eyes, Mayfield Nature Preserve, Menzies baby blue eyes, Nemophila menziesii, Nemophila menziesii Hook & Arn

Baby Blue Eyes

Baby Blue Eyes is a small, trailing annual, 6 in. tall and 1 ft. wide, Menzies baby-blue-eyes is well-known for its bright-blue, five-petaled, bowl-shaped flowers with white centers.

Big Bend National Park, Focus Stacking, Grapevine Hills Trail, Texas Wildflowers

Bicolor Fanmustard

The Bicolor Fanmustard is a grayish, hairy plant with clumps of leafy branched stems and racemes of white or lavender flowers.

Big Bend National Park, Focus Stacking, Grapevine Hills Trail, Texas Wildflowers

Big Bend Bluebonnet

The Big Bend Bluebonnet grows taller than most bluebonnets. The flowers of this annual are very deep blue with a lemon blotch.

Big-fruit Evening-primrose, Bigfruit Evening-primrose, Fluttermill, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Missouri Evening-primrose, Missouri Primrose, Oenothera macrocarpa, Texas Wildflowers

Bigfruit Evening-primrose

The Bigfruit Evening Primrose can be trailing or upright, usually growing 8-10 in. high. Its large, 3-4 in. wide, yellow flowers are showy.

Aster, Asteraceae, Bitterweed, Four-nerve daisy, Hymenoxys, Pedernales Falls State Park, Stemmy four-nerve daisy, Tetraneuris scaposa var. scaposa


Bitterweed or Four-nerve Daisy is a low, upright, silvery perennial to1 ft.. The solitary flower heads occur at the end of silky, leafless stalks.

Blackfoot Daisy, Flowers, Focus Stacking, Melampodium Leucanthum, Texas Wildflowers

Blackfoot Daisy

Blackfoot Daisy is a low, bushy, mounded perennial, 6-12 in. tall and twice as wide. Its leaves are narrow and have 1 in. wide, white, daisy-like flowers.

Focus Stacking, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Texas Wildflowers

Brown-Eyed Susan

The Brown-Eyed Susan is a cheerful, widespread wildflower. Its bright-yellow, 2-3 in. wide, daisy-like flowers with dark centers are its claim to fame.

Brown-spined Prickly Pear, Brown-spined prickly pear, Brownspine prickly pear cactus, Desert prickly pear, New mexico prickly pear, Opuntia phaeacantha Engelm., Purple-fruited prickly pear, Tulip prickly pear

Brown-Spined Prickly Pear

This brown-spined prickly pear cactus forms dense thickets 8 ft. across and up to 8 ft. tall. Common to abundant in abandoned pastures and old fields on stony soil

Brushland Shrubverbena, Lantana Macropoda, Mexican marjoram, Veinyleaf lantana

Brushland Shrubverbena

The Brushland Shrubverbena is a member of the verbena family, which includes about 75 genera and 3,000 species of herbs, shrubs, and trees.

Big Bend National Park, Butterweed, Focus Stacking, Grapevine Hills Trail, Texas Wildflowers


Butterweed s a somewhat weedy perennial which is valued for its ability to thrive in moist shady locations and produce a long and profuse spring bloom.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center


Buttonbush is a handsome ornamental suited to wet soils and is also a honey plant. Ducks and other water birds and shorebirds consume the seeds.

Cedar Sage, Salvia roemeriana, Salvia roemeriana Scheele, Texas Wildflowers

Cedar Sage

Cedar Sage is a red-flowered, hirsute, perennial salvia that grows from 1 to 2 feet tall, with rounded, scalloped leaves.

Celestial Lilly, Celestials, Nemastylis Geminiflora

Celestial Lily

The sky-blue flowers open in the late morning and curl up before 3 in the afternoon, even on overcast days.

Big Bend National Park, Chihuahuan Flax, Flowers, Linum vernale

Chihuahuan Flax

A slender, erect plant with yellow-orange, bowl-shaped flowers, each with a maroon center. This species is common in parts of the Chihuahuan Desert.

Argemone aurantiaca G.B. Ownbey
Texas pricklypoppy, Texas pricklypoppy

Chisos Pricklypoppy

The Chisos pricklypoppy is a wonderful flower with paper-like white blooms and a very thorny demeanor. It blooms during the spring months.

Berlandiera lyrata, Chocolate Flower, Chocolate daisy, Chocolate flower, Green-eyed lyre leaf, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Lyreleaf greeneyes, Texas Wildflowers

Chocolate Flower

The Chocolate Flower smells like chocolate! On warm days it will fill the air with the fragrance of chocolate.

Big Bend National Park

Claret Cup Cactus

One of the most attractive hedgehog cacti is the claret cup, which grows in clumps as much as 3–4 feet across but usually smaller.

Creosote Bush, Creosote bush, Governadora, Greasewood, Guamis, Hediondilla, Larrea tridentata

Creosote Bush

Creosote-bush is a 3-5 ft., evergreen shrub which can reach 10 ft. and has numerous flexible stems usually arising from the base at an angle.

Big Bend National Park, Focus Stacking, Grapevine Hills Trail, Texas Wildflowers

Desert Marigold

Desert marigold is a 12-18 in., mound-shaped biennial. Its daisy-like flowers form impressive mounds of nearly solid yellow.

Coulter hibiscus, Desert Rosemallow, Desert rose-mallow, Desert rosemallow, Hibiscus coulteri, Hibiscus coulteri var. brevipedunculatus

Desert Rosemallow

Desert Rosemallow is a handsome ornamental, grown for its showy flowers. It’s large, yellow, cup-shaped flowers, sometimes tinged with red or purple at the base.

Bee, Brauneria purpurea, ECPU, Eastern purple coneflower, Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea purpurea var. arkansana, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Purple coneflower, Rudbeckia purpurea, Texas Wildflowers

Eastern Purple Coneflower

The Eastern Purple Coneflower is a perennial with smooth, 2-5 ft. stems and long-lasting, lavender flowers. The leaves become small at the top.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Texas Wildflowers

Eastern Red Columbine

The Eastern Red Columbine has showy, drooping, bell-like flowers equipped with distinctly backward-pointing tubes, similar to the garden Columbines.

Big Bend State Park, Cactus Flowers, Contrabando Trail

Engelmann’s Prickly Pear Cactus

This is perhaps the most abundant prickly pear in West Texas, and one of the most attractive. It produces masses of yellow to orange flowers,

Eryngium leavenworthii, Eryngo, False purple thistle, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Leavenworth's eryngo


Leavenworth’s eryngo is a prickly, 20-40 in. annual with a leafy stem, broadly branched in the upper portion. Almost the entire plant has some shade of purple.

McKinney Falls State Park

False Dayflower

The False Dayflower is an erect annual native to central Texas with flowers made up of two large lavender-blue petals and one small white petal.

Dalea formosa, Feather Dalea, Feather dalea, Featherplume, Focus Stacking, Texas Wildflowers

Feather Dalea

One of many shrubby species of Dalea, this Feather Dalea, with its dark bark, contorted branches, and small leaves–is an excellent candidate for bonsai.

Common Dogweed, Five-needle Fetid Marigold, Fiveneedle pricklyleaf, Parralena, Thymophylla pentachaeta

Fiveneedle Pricklyleaf

The Fiveneedle Pricklyleaf is a low, tufted, dark green, prickly plant with 1 small, deep yellow flower head on each of several leafless stalks above the foliage.

Giant Spiderwort, Giant spiderwort, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Texas Wildflowers, Tradescantia gigantea Rose

Giant spiderwort

Named after John Tradescant (1608-1662) who served as gardener to Charles 1 of England. Tradescantia species will hybridize in just about any combination.

Ernst Tinaja, Gray Golden-Aster, Heterotheca Canescens, Texas Wildflowers

Gray Golden Aster

The Gray Golden Aster is a North American species of flowering plant. It has been found in Northern Mexico and in the Great Plains of the central US.

Gray's feverfew, Parthenium confertum, Parthenium confertum var. confertum, Parthenium confertum var. divaricatum, Parthenium confertum var. intermedium, Parthenium confertum var. lyratum, Parthenium confertum var. microcephalum, Parthenium hysterophorus var. lyratum, Parthenium lyratum

Gray’s Feverfew

Gray’s Feverfew is an annual plant that grows in the desert southwest. It produces tiny flowers accentuated by five tiny petals which form a pentagon.

Greenthread, McKinney Falls State Park, THFI, Thelesperma filifolium


Greenthread is a winter annual, and is often found growing in colonies. Its slender, branched stems, 10-30 in. tall, bear leaves divided into thread-like segments.

Conoclinium dissectum, Conoclinium greggii, Eupatorium greggii, Gregg's Mistflower, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Palm-leaf mistflower, Palm-leaf thoroughwort, Palmleaf thoroughwort, Purple palmleaf eupatorium, Purple palmleaf mistflower

Gregg’s Mistflower

Gregg’s Mistflower is a spectacular addition to the late summer/fall border. This butterfly magnet will attract large numbers of Queens and Monarchs.

Big Bend National Park, Havard's fiddleleaf, Nama havardii, Sierra Del Chino

Havard’s Fiddleleaf

The Havard’s Fiddleleaf is one of the less common members of this genus, found only in four counties of west Texas (Presidio, Brewster, Terrell, Val Verde).

Heartleaf Hibiscus, Heartleaf rosemallow, Hibiscus cardiophyllus, LBJ Wildflower Center. Red Flower, Tulipan del Monte

Heartleaf Hibiscus

The Heartleaf Hibiscus has spectacular flowers two and three inches across. It is a wonderful, small, drought-tolerant hibiscus from South Texas.

Focus Stacking, Hill Country penstemon, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Hill Country Penstemon

The Hill Country Penstemon is 1 1/2-2 ft. tall. Its brilliant red flowers, 2 in. long, are among the most showy of the genus.

Firewheel, Gaillardia pulchella, Gaillardia pulchella Foug., Indian Blanket

Indian Blanket

Indian blanket is a popular annual growing 1-2 ft. tall and showy flower heads with rays red at the base, tipped with yellow, each with 3 teeth at the end.

Angel Trumpet, Datura wrightii, Jimsonweed, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Sacred Thorn Apple, Sacred datura, Thorn apple


Jimsonweed is a branching forb that blooms large, white, fragrant, trumpet-like flowers from evening through the morning.

Big Bend National Park, Cattail Falls Trail

Longspur Columbine

The Longspur Columbine is native to moist canyons from southern Arizona, south into mountains of adjacent northern Mexico.

Walnut Creek Park

Maximilian Sunflower

A native prairie perennial, the Maximilian Sunflower is a desirable range plant. A heavy crop of seeds is produced, thus it is a valuable plant for wildlife.

Focus Stacking, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Mealy Blue Sage, Salvia Farinacea

Mealy Blue Sage

Mealy Blue Sage is a 2-3 ft. upright or sprawling perennial, that usually forms a mound as wide as the plant is tall and is named for the mealy-white appearance of the sepals.

Lepachys columnaris, Lepachys columnifera, Long-headed coneflower, Mexican Hat, Mexican hat, Prairie coneflower, Ratibida columnaris, Ratibida columnaris var. pulcherrima, Red-spike mexican-hat, Rudbeckia columnaris, Rudbeckia columnifera, Thimbleflower, Upright prairie coneflower

Mexican Hat

The Mexican Hat has long leafless stalks bearing flower heads of 3-7 yellow or yellow and red-brown, drooping rays surrounding a long, red-brown central disk.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Ludwigia octovalvis, Mexican Primrose Willow, Mexican primrose-willow, Narrow-leaf Water Primrose, Seedbox

Mexican Primrose Willow

The Mexican Primrose Willow is a rather weedy perennial or subshrub of sunny areas with wet soils. Plants in full flower are colorful and showy.

Big Bend National Park, Hosackia puberula var. nana, Lotus longebracteatus, Lotus neomexicanus, Lotus oroboides, Lotus oroboides var. nanus, Lotus oroboides var. nummularius, Lotus plebeius, Lotus plebeius (Brandegee) Barneby, Lotus ×nummularius, New Mexico Bird's-Foot Trefoil, New Mexico bird's-foot trefoil, Pine deervetch

New Mexico Bird’s-Foot Trefoil

An inconspicuous ground-hugging plant, the New Mexico Bird’s-Foot Trefoil is about 1 foot across and has masses of 1/2-inch bright yellow flowers.


Ocotillo is a spiny shrub to 20 ft. with many long, whip-like, unbranched green stems growing from the base.

Aster, Asteraceae, Big Bend National Park, Hymenopappus corymbosus, Hymenopappus scabiosaeus var. corymbosus, Old Plainsman

Old Plainsman

Old Plainsman is a biennial herb up to 150 cm (5 feet) tall. It produces 20-100 flower heads per stem, each head with 20-80 white disc flowers but no ray flowers.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Pink Evening Primrose

As the common name implies, most evening primrose species open their flowers in the evening, closing them again early each morning.

Agalinis heterophylla, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Prairie False-Foxglove, Prairie agalinis

Prairie False-Foxglove

The Prairie False-Foxglove is an excellent plant for attracting butterflies found in prairies, plains, grasslands, open fields, rocky soils or in woodlands.

Aster, Asteraceae, Big Bend National Park, Hymenopappus corymbosus, Hymenopappus scabiosaeus var. corymbosus, Old Plainsman

Prairie Fleabane

The Prairie Fleabane is a short-lived perennial with numerous white, aster-like flowers which nod under the weight of the unopened, pink flower buds.

Horsemint, Lemon horsemint, Lemon mint, Monarda citriodora, Monarda citriodora Cerv. ex Lag.
Lemon beebalm, Plains horsemint, Purple Horsemint, Purple horsemint, Purple lemon mint

Purple Horsemint

Purple Horsemint is an aromatic winter annual with tuft-like, lavender to pink, whorled flower heads. Each whorl is subtended by whitish or lavender, leaf-like bracts.

Rain Lilly

Rain Lily

in lilies pop up and bloom two or three days after good rains in the spring and early summer. They begin to open slowly about dusk and are fully opened the next morning.

Rainbow Cactus

The Rainbow Cactus is a low, cylindrical cactus girdled by bands of colorful spines with pink, rose, lavender, or yellow flowers.

Rock Rose

Rock Rose plants are found in shallow soil on limestone, in rocky places in woodlands, and at the edges of thickets. The flowers are showy, rose-colored.

Brownspine hedgehog cactus, Echinocereus russanthus, Rusty Hedgehog Cactus, Rusty hedgehog cactus

Rusty Hedgehog Cactus

The Rusty Hedgehog Cactus is heavily covered with a mass of slender, interlocking, bristle-like spines radiating in all directions.

Hooker palafoxia, Hooker's palafoxia, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Palafoxia hookeriana, Sand Palafox, Sand palafox, Sand palafoxia

Sand Palafox

The Sand Palafox grows 16–40 inches tall, its leaves are 4 inches long and the flower heads have 8–12 rose-colored ray flowers,

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Seashore Mallow

Seashore Mallow is found in marshes along the eastern seashore of the US. It has pink flowers with 5 petals surrounding a tube of fused stamens and style.

Pedernales Falls State Park

Silver Puff

The Silver Puff, is a North American species of plant in the family Asteraceae. It is native to Mexico, Texas, and New Mexico.

Soaptree Yucca, Yucca elata

Soaptree Yucca

The Soaptree Yucca is a 5-20 ft., tree-like yucca with fine, arching, gray-green to blue-green leaves with white margins.

Echinocereus dasyacanthus Engelm., Golden rainbow hedgehog, Spiny Hedgehog Cactus, Spiny hedgehog cactus, Texas rainbow cactus, Yellow Pitaya

Spiny Hedgehog Cactus

The Spiny Hedgehog cactus is oval at first, soon becoming cylindrical, and grows to 15 inches or so, with a 4-inch diameter.

Big Bend State Park, Cactus Flowers, Contrabando Trail, Echinocereus stramineus, Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus, Strawberry hedgehog cactus

Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus

Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus has purple-red flowers are 4–5 inches tall and 3–4 inches across. They are dark red at the base, fading to rose at the tips.

Sunflower Goldeneye

Sunflower Goldeneye

The Sunflower Goldeneye grows in colonies to be 3-6 ft tall. Its numerous yellow, 1 1/2 in., daisy-like flowers appear at the tips of long, slender, leafless stalks.

Hibiscus grandiflorus, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Large-flowered hibiscus, Pink swamp hibiscus, Swamp rose-mallow

Swamp Rose-Mallow

The five pink petals of Swamp Rose-Mallow flowers each have a red to purple center, are 4-6 in. long, and surround many stamens.

Convolvulus equitans, Convolvulus hermannioides, Convolvulus simulans, St. Edwards Park, Texas Bindweed

Texas Bindweed

Texas Bindweed is found in sandy, loamy or rocky soils in the South Texas Plains and the Edwards Plateau area.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Texas Bluebonnet

Texas Bluebonnet

These stems of the Texas Bluebonnet are topped by clusters of up to 50 fragrant, blue, pea-like flowers. The tip of the cluster is white.

Focus Stacking, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Texas Gayfeather, Texas Wildflowers

Texas Gayfeather

The purple Texas Gafeather flowers are densely congested in a long spike on the upper part of the stem. The leaves are narrow and crowded.

Castilleja indivisa, Entireleaf Indian Paintbrush, Indian Paintbrush, McKinney Falls State Park, Scarlet Paintbrush, Texas Indian Paintbrush, Texas Paintbrush

Texas Paintbrush

One of the popular paintbrushes, this Texas Paintbrush grows 6-16 in. high. Its several unbranched stems form clumps topped by bright-red, paintbrush-like spikes.

LBJ Wildflower Center, Lindheimer daisy, Lindheimera texana, Texas Star, Texas Yellow-star, Texas Yellowstar

Texas Star

Texas star plants have 1 to several flower heads in a cluster. Each flower head has 5 bright yellow ray flowers, each with 2 prominent veins and indented at the tip.

Erodium texanum A. Gray, Mayfield Nature Preserve, Stork's Bill, Texas stork's bill

Texas Stork’s Bill

Texas storks-bill or fillaree is a low-growing plant. Its long-stalked, oval leaves, with three rounded lobes, form an initial rosette close to the ground.

Bird Blind, CITE2, Carduus austrinus, Cirsium texanum Buckley, Cirsium texanum var. stenolepis, Pedernales Falls State Park, Texas Thistle

Texas Thistle

The Texas thistle grows 2-5 feet tall, sparingly branched near the top. The leaves are 4-9 inches long and smaller on the upper third.

Beaked yucca, Thompson Yucca, Thompson's Yucca, Thompson's yucca, Yucca thompsoniana Trel.

Thompson Yucca

Thompson’s yucca grows 6–12 feet high, treelike, with a trunk 5–8 inches in diameter. The trunk is usually unbranched.

Allionia incarnata, Ernst Tinaja, Flowers, Pink Windmills, Trailing Allionia, Trailing Four O'Clock, Trailing Windmills

Trailing Windmills

The orchid-colored trailing four-o’clock is a vine that grows along the ground; the plant can be 10 feet across.

Big Bend National Park, Focus Stacking, Hot Springs Trail, Texas Wildflowers

Trans-pecos Senna

The Trans-Pecos Senna grows only in Big Bend National Park. The plant thrives in a desert habitat, and prefers gravelly soil.

Big Bend National Park, Flowers

Tree Cholla

Tree cholla grows tall and upright, sometimes bushy but usually treelike, Large, showy flowers open out wide and are reddish-purple in color.

Astragalus nuttallianus var. imperfectus, Big Bend National Park, Turkey Peas, Turkeypeas

Turkey Peas

Turkey Peas is a species of milkvetch. It is native to the southwestern and south-central United States and northern Mexico, where it can be found in many types of habitat

Big Bend National Park, Calylophus heartwegii, Oenothera hartwegii, Western Evening Primrose

Western Evening Primrose

A somewhat upright and bushy plant with narrow leaves and soft yellow cup flowers that open in the evening and close the next afternoon shortly before new flowers open.

Solanum dimidiatum, St. Edwards Park, Western Horse-Nettle, Western horsenettle

Western Horse-Nettle

The leaves, petioles and branched stems of western horse nettle have sharp spines. Its flowers are purple to violet (sometimes white) and grow at the tip in terminal clusters.

Ruellia occidentalis, Ruellia strictopaniculata, Ruellia tuberosa var. occidentalis, Western Wild Petunia, uellia nudiflora var. occidentalis

Western Wild Petunia

The Western Wild Petunia’s claim to fame is its lovely violet flower trumpets, a hummingbird favorite! This rare plant is perfect for dry, hot locations.

Butterfly Gaura, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Lindheimer's Beeblossom, Lindheimer's Gaura, Oenothera lindheimeri, Texas Wildflowers, White Gaura

White Gaura

An upright to widely spreading, soft-hairy, 2-5 ft. perennial with delicate white flowers in elongated terminal and axillary clusters.

Acacia constricta, Big Bend National Park, Sierra Del Chino, Vachellia constricta, Vachellia constricts, Whitethorn Acacia

Whitethorn Acacia

The Whitethorn Acacia is a 9-15 ft., multi-trunked tree with small, yellow-orange balls of fragrant flowers and finely segmented, pinnate leaves which fall off during dry seasons.

Double-banded Bycid, LBJ Wildflower Center, Rattlesnake-weed, Sphaenothecus bivittata Dupont - Sphaenothecus bivittatus

Wild Carrot

Wild carrot blooms in flat clusters; when flowers pass, pedicels turn upward into a bird’s nest; when seeds ripe, spreads open again facilitating adhesion to passing animals.

ALCAC, Allium acetabulum, Allium canadense var. ovoideum, Allium canadense var. robustum, Allium continuum, Bull Creek, Canada onion, Meadow garlic, Wild Onion, Wild onion

Wild Onion

Wild onion grows 8–24 inches tall. It has 2 leaves, sometimes more, that are shorter than the flower stem. The flowers are in a round, compact cluster, 1–1 1/2 inches in diameter.

Wild Poinsettia

The dwarf poinsettia has green stems and alternate-lobed leaves, The terminal flowers are yellowish with 1-2 small glands or nectaries.

Chamaesaracha villosa, Shaggy False Nightshade, TransPecos five eyes, Woolly false nightshade

Woolly false nightshade

Wooly False Nightshade is a member of the nightshade family, known commonly as five eyes. They are native to the southwestern and western US and parts of Mexico.

Acleisanthes wrightii (A. Gray) Benth. & Hook. f. ex Hemsl., Wright's Trumets

Wright’s Trumpets

The species name of this plant is for Charles Wright, 1811-1885, world-wide botanical collector but mainly in Texas (1837-1952), Cuba and his native Connecticut.

Big Bend National Park, Esperanza, Flowers, Tecoma stans, Trumpetbush, Trumpetflower, Yellow Bells, Yellow elder, Yellow trumpetbush, Yellow trumpetflower, Yellowbells

Yellow Bells

Esperanza or Yellow bells is an irregularly shaped, deciduous shrub, normally 3-6 ft. tall in the US but more southerly varieties can reach 9 ft.

Blazingstar, Eucnide bartonioides Zucc.
Rock-nettle, Loasaceae, Yellow Rocknettle, Yellow rocknettle, Yellow stingbush

Yellow Rocknettle

Yellow rocknettle can be found in the rock ledges all along the Rio Grande, including those on the trail to the historical Hot Springs in Big Bend National Park

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Yellow Waterlily

The Yellow Waterlily is an aquatic plant with bright yellow flowers and floating leaves. The lovely flowers are open from midday to late afternoon.