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Celestial Lily

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Celestial Lily (Nemastylis geminiflora)

Description: The sky-blue flowers open in the late morning and curl up before 3 in the afternoon, even on overcast days. Each flower only lasts one day. Once the seed has ripened, the bulb is renewed and the plant disappears until the following spring. The bulbs colonize over time. A member of the iris family (family Iridaceae) which consists of herbs growing from rhizomes, bulbs, or corms, with narrow basal leaves and showy clusters at the tips of long stalks. There are about 60 genera and 1,500 species, distributed in temperate and tropical regions. Among them, Iris, Freesia, Gladiolus, Bugle Lily, and Montbretia are popular ornamentals. Saffron dye is obtained from Crocus, and the essence of violets, used in perfumes, is extracted from the rhizomes of Iris.

Family: Iridaceae

Synonym(s): Ixia acuta, Nemastylis acuta


Duration: Perennial

Habit: Herb

Size Class: 0-1 ft.

Bloom Color: Blue

Bloom Time: Mar, Apr, May

Water Use: Medium

Light Requirements: Part Shade

Soil Moisture: Dry

Bloom Notes: Bloom Notes: Sky blue, bloom period about 2 weeks, with each flower surviving only one day, opening in the morning and closing late afternoon.
Native Habitat: Prairie, Plains, Meadows, Pastures, Savannahs

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