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People and lifestyles.

Rock Fossil

Fossil Art

I encountered this fossil art while photographing the sunset in the Hall of Horrors area of Joshua Tree National Park.

Sam Pace Band

Band Photo

My friend Sam Pace invited me to photograph a band photo during a recording session for their new album. I captured this one during a break.

Instagram Beet

Austin 360

This photograph of the Goat Cheese and Beet appetizer from Barley Swine in Austin, TX was posted in the Austin 360 food section last Friday.

All Saints

All Souls’ Day

Happy “All Souls’ Day”! I always find this time of year interesting. I spotted this neon sign in a window of a downtown Austin establishment.

Anne's Dream


I took this photo in 1997 when a friend of mine, who was very instrumental in my photography journey, was visiting along with his daughter Anne.

Harmonica Player

Harmonica Player

I posted an image of Patrick the Bass Player two days ago. The image below of Kevin, the Harmonica player, is the second image from that same photo shoot.

Bass Player Mid-Air

Bass Player

I got a message from a band leader that I previously photographed. He asked if I would come over and photograph the band while they recorded a music video.

Austin Live Music - Whole Foods


I you have not been to the Whole Foods flagship store in Austin you have missed a great experience. The store is by far the best grocery store in the country.

Bikes, Biles & More Bikes


The City of Austin undertook an initiative to increase bicycle ridership in the metropolitan area. The Austin B-cycle system in the image is part of that plan.

Pele & The Street Musician


I went on a Photowalk of downtown Austin late one evening. I was able to capture a variety of images including Pele and his master the “Street Musician”.



Photowalking is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that the photographer may find interesting.

Austin Live Music


The lead guitar player is responsible for the melodic tune and for the general sound. The drummer’s role is to make sure everyone stays in rhythm.

Saxophone Player

Sax Player

Next in my “Austin Live Music” series is a sax player that was part of a small band. I love playing the Sax but it’s an instrument I never mastered.

Window Musician

Window View

The artist in this “Window View” photograph is Sam Pace. He’s one of many very talented Austin musicians that are looking for their big opportunity.

Esther's Follies


Welcome to a new category – Street Photography. I have been wanting to try this new area for some time. Esther’s Follies was my first stop.

Drum Set


This is the second post in my Austin Live Music series. The first one featured a guitar player with his Gibson SG. The image below is of a Zildjian cymbal.

Lead Guitar


Austin is the “Live Music Capital of the World”. So, I decided to conduct a photowalk through Austin’s live music district to find bands to photograph.


I mentioned in a prior post titled “Homeless” that Austin is homeless-friendly. I ventured out to photograph when I encountered a homeless lady in a tunnel.

Jefferson Monument


Thomas Jefferson, one of our founding fathers, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, member of Congress, Secretary of State and the third President of the United States (1801–1809). Wow, what a resume!


Many people describe Cuba as a country frozen in time. This is evident by the large number of vintage vehicles on the roads, many in pristine condition.

No Photo for You

There is a place in Old Havana called the Plaza de la Catedral. It is here where you will find many Cuban Cigar Ladies posing for pictures. For me though, it was “No Photo for You”.

Paladar Menu

One thing that can be said about Cuban society is that they have an incredible ability to adapt. Cuba was highly dependent on the Soviet Union. This all came to an abrupt halt with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Safari Trophy

Hemingway was a big game hunter and frequently traveled to Africa on safari. As I toured his home in Havana (by viewing through the open windows) I could not help but notice this guy on the wall.


Cat Nap

The other day I posted a story about the Sleeping Cowboy and the story about the Campfire Cowboy and my encounter with Lea Jones back in the summer of 1999.

Sleeping Cowboy

Sleeping Cowboy

I recently posted a story about the Campfire Cowboy and the an encounter I had with Lea Jones (Gila Wilderness Outfitter) at the Blue Front Cafe in Glenwood NM back in the summer of 1999.

Campfire Cowboys

I made a trip to eastern Arizona / western New Mexico. I stopped in to have lunch at the Blue Front Cafe in Glenwood NM where I met Lea Jones.