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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I paid a visit to Millennium Park during my visit to the windy city and stopped at the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink to practice a photography technique that I have been working on for a while. It is a tradition for families to visit the rink during the Thanksgiving holiday and the rink was quite crowded. There are ways to remove people from a photograph using a feature found in Photoshop. This is a very handy feature when trying to photograph crowded places. It involves taking a number of photographs and using Photoshop to eliminate objects that are moving and keep those that are constant. I decided to try it at the ice skating rink since it was quite crowded. It did not completely remove all the people but I liked the effect it created. I will post another photograph soon of my second attempt in another area of the park. I highly recommend this part of the park, especially during the fall holidays.

McCormick Tribune Ice Rink
McCormick Tribune Ice Rink

This image was taken with my Sony Alpha A7R II using my Sony 16-35mm f/4 Lens set on 16 mm. The camera was set on Aperture priority mode with the aperture set at f/22, shutter speed at one second and the ISO set at 100. I used a tripod for stability. I captured 31 photographs and used a special technique in Photoshop to remove all the people. I completed the image in Photoshop using Nik Color Efex Pro.

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T. Kahler Photography
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