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Austin 360

I’m sorry for the long post, but this one has a long story associated with it. In today’s world, especially in Austin, people photograph their food with their smart phones and post it on their favorite social media sites. Our family is no different. Since I have a new iPhone 7 Plus with the better camera, I’m often asked to photograph the dishes. We were dining out at Barley Swine, one of our favorite restaurants in Austin, when I was asked to photograph the Goat Cheese and Beet appetizer (which is phenomenal) so that it could be posted on her Instagram Account. I did so and shared it with her. She then went on to post it with all the proper hash tags. To our surprise, it got exposure on the local Austin 360 section of the Austin American Statesman. Click here to see the photo and the writeup. The following is the story in her own words.

“I recently got an Instagram account after hanging out with my 20-something cousins and recognizing Instagram as a way to stay connected to their day-to-day lives.

I started reading about Instagram and learned that there is a whole industry of consultants and photographers that support social media influencers. And in that spirit I have access to a photographer with better equipment than I for producing photos worthy of posting in the public domain. In this case it wasn’t all the Canon gear, but rather the iPhone 7+ vs my last generation iPhone 6S that was the superior equipment in the hands of an expert photographer that I was after.

I had my sights set on getting an Instagram post noticed by the Austin American Statesman and published in their weekly entertainment supplement “Austin 360.” When we ate at local restaurant Barley Swine and the beet and goat cheese mousse we ordered arrived  looking like a beet, I knew I had my subject worthy of an Instagram post. Knowing the picture needed to look great, I asked Terry to take a picture with his iPhone 7+ and then send my way. I promptly posted to Instagram with the hashtag #Austin360Eats.

In this past Friday’s edition of Austin 360, you can find this picture on page 8. I’m on my way to social media stardom, and I know to whom I’ll turn for great photos to post.”

Austin 360
Austin 360

This image was taken with my iPhone 7 Plus using the iSight Duo camera. The camera was set on Normal mode with the aperture set at f/1.8, shutter speed at 1/17th of a second and the ISO set at 40. This is a single image processed in Lightroom.

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