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Big Bend National Park, Dorgan House, Dorgan-Sublett Trail, Sunrise, Sunrise Colors

Sunrise at Dorgan House

Sunrise at Dorgan House was very special during my recent trip to Big Bend National Park. The colors provided by the sun and the clouds were spectacular. One of the best I have seen in this area.

Balanced Rock, Big Bend National Park, Panorama, Panoramic, Sunrise, Sunrise Colors

Balanced Rock Panorama

It is time for my spring trip to Big Bend National Park in west Texas. One of the first events was the hike up Grapevine Hills Trail to photograph a Balanced Rock Panorama.

Big Bend National Park, Dorgan House, Sunrise, Sunset Colors

Dorgan House Sunrise

The Dorgan House along the Dorgan-Sublett Trail in Big Bend National Park taken at sunrise. I posted a few photos of the Dorgan house at sunset but the Dorgan House at Sunrise is special.

Colorful Desert

The Big Bend NP desert floor in the spring of 2015 was one of the most colorful desert floors I have ever seen. I hope to see it once again.

Big Bend National Park, Lost Mine Trail, Sunrise, Sunrise Colors

Lost Mine Sunrise

Sunrise along the Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend National Park. I captured this photo after a 2.4 mile hike up the popular trail.

Skull Rock

Skull Rock

I was impressed by the number of interesting rock formations in Joshua Tree NP. My favorite was Skull Rock located just off the main road.

Old Pier

Old Pier

I photographed this Old Pier at sunrise along Fulton Beach Road during my recent trip to Rockport ,Texas using my ND filter.

Fulton Beach

Ferries and Gators

Yesterday was another busy day in the Rockport area. I rode two ferries to cross the channel and I saw several gators.

African Sunrise

African Sunrise

I photographed this African sunrise during my trip to South Africa last year. I kept looking for a lone tree and this one stood out.

Grassy Sunrise

Grassy Sunrise

I photographed this Grassy Sunrise starburst during my last trip to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center last September.

Sunrise Surf

Sunrise Surf

This photograph of the sunrise surf is the last one of the photographs from my trip to Chicago over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Chicago, Sunrise, Sunrise Colors

Chicago Skyline

I captured this photograph of the Chicago skyline from the bridge over the south pond at the Lincoln Park Zoo during my recent holiday trip.

Dog Walker

Dog Walker

I was photographing the Chicago Skyline early yesterday morning when I stopped to photograph a dog walker on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Grassy Reflection

Grassy Reflection

I photographed this grassy reflection after capturing the Schwabacher’s Landing sunrise photograph that I posted yesterday.

Schwabacker's Landing

Schwabachers Landing

Schwabachers Landing in the Grand Teton NP was one of my favorite stops during my recent trip there. This is one of my favorite photos.

Big Bend National Park, Lost Mine Trail

Sunrise on Big Bend

This image taken last December of another sunrise on Big Bend is from the Lost Mine Trail, another one of my favorite hikes in the park.

Oral Roberts University - Praying Hands

Praying Hands Sculpture

This is the second photograph of the Praying Hands sculpture at ORU. I posted the first photograph of the sculpture yesterday.

Oral Roberts University - Praying Hands

Praying Hands

I woke up early during a recent trip to Tulsa, OK and decided to gather my gear and head over to photograph the Praying Hands at Oral Roberts University.

Dolphin Sunrise

Dolphins at Sunrise

I captured these dolphins at sunrise while photographing birds in the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge earlier this year.

Austin Skyline, Doug Sahm Hill Summit, Sunrise

Sahm Hill Summit

I captured this sunrise of downtown austin from Sahm Hill Summit. I have been wanting to photograph downtown from this vantage point for some time.

High Altitude Sunrise

High Altitude Sunrise

This is the last day of my trip to South Africa. I appreciate all of you that followed my travels and lived vicariously through my daily blog posts. Thank you for your comments and praises.

Zulu Sunrise

Zulu Sunrise

One of the great things about my trip to South Africa were the beautiful sunrises. It was great to wake up to nice color pallet of red, yellow and orange.

Big Bend National Park, Glenn Springs, Sunrise

Prickly Pear Starburst

It is a tradition during our annual trips to the Big Bend National Park to stop along the Glen Springs Road for a sunrise photo. This year was no exception.

Big Bend National Park, Chimney's Trail, Starburst, Sunrise


One of the things that I enjoy about my visits to the Big Bend National Park is exploring new locations. One of the new trails we explored was the Chimneys trail.

Big Bend #5

The Glenn Springs area is filled with great history and it has a lot of possibilities for a great photograph. Unfortunately, the weather conditions have rarely cooperated.

Stuart Rocks Beach Sunrise


This is another photo in the Stuart Rocks Beach sunrise sequence. This post also contains some tips on how to photograph sunrises and sunsets.

Stuart Rocks Beach

Sunrise State

Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” but I think “Sunrise State” would be equally descriptive. I was looking for rocky beaches to photograph the sunrise and found one near Stuart, FL.

Sunrise at Stuart Rocks

Rocky Sunrise

I made a trip to Florida in March of 2015. I took advantage of the trip and ventured out to scout some good sunrise locations. Stuart Beach was high on my list.

Balanced Rock, Big Bend National Park, Sunrise

Balanced Panorama

This photograph was captured in Big Bend NP at the end of Grapevine Hills Trail, where the Balanced Rock formation resides. I posted a similar photograph titled “Balanced Sunrise” last December.

Austin Skyline, Lou Ness Point, Sunrise


I mentioned in a recent post that I went scouting for a sunrise location to photograph Austin’s growing skyline. I found a location named Lou Neff Point.

Big Bend National Park, Lost Mine Trail


I like shooting silhouettes, so, when I was shooting the sunrise at the Lost Mine Trail in BBNP, I decided this was a perfect opportunity for a silhouette.

Big Bend National Park, Lost Mine Trail


I posted a few images taken at the Lost Mine Trail during my recent trip to BBNP. The image below of Juniper Canyon was taken at sunrise from the same spot.

Miami, Miami Skyline

Miami Sunrise

I traveled to the Miami area earlier this year to attend an event and do some photography work. One image I wanted to capture was the Miami skyline at dawn.

Liquid Gold

This photograph was taken in an area called Glenn Springs. As it turns out, this area has a very long and interesting history associated with “liquid gold”.

Mesa Arch at Sunrise


Mesa Arch is a “pothole arch” located within the Canyonlands National Park. It is located only a few hundred yards from the main road and it is one of the most photographed sites in the Moab area.

Canyon’s First Light

The Santa Elena Canyon is another main attraction within the Big Bend NP. The canyon is part of the US/Mexico border and is home to the Rio Grand. This image captures the canyon’s first light.