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Sunset Colors

Big Bend Ranch State Park, LE, La Cuesta, Long Exposure, Long Exposure Photography, Rio Grande, Silky Water, Sunset, Time Lapse

Sunset at La Cuesta

I photographed this sunset at La Cuesta in Big Bend Ranch State Park during a recent visit to the area. La Cuesta and Big Hill are along Highway 170 located about half way between Presidio and Terlingua.

Big Bend National Park, Dorgan House

Dorgan House Sunset

Another Dorgan House Sunset photo from my trip to Big Bend National Park last December. I can only imagine what the Dorgan family’s day was like, especially with their 360-degree views of the wonderful area.

Brewster County, Hen Egg Mountain, North County Road

West Texas Sunset

A west Texas sunrise photographed in the area North of Terlingua, Texas in a region called the Terlingua Badlands. This is a new area for me and one I intend to return to frequently.

Big Bend National Park, Ocotillo Field, Sunset, Sunset Colors

Prickly Pear Sunset

A prickly pear sunrise during my trip to Big Bend NP in the fall of 2017. The skies were filled with clouds which made for a great sunset.

Brewster County, Hen Egg Mountain, North County Road

Hen Egg Mountain

Hen Egg Mountain in southwestern Berwster County at sunset. This ia a new location for me. I scouted it in April of this year.

Austin Sunset

The Austin skyline as seen during the summer of 2015. The skyline has dramatically changed since then as there are a lot of new buildings.

Hemingway Sunset

Hemingway Sunset

I photographed this Hemingway Sunset in the Hemingway Buttress area of the Joshua Tree NP during the start of a night photography workshop.

Lone Joshua Tree

Lone Joshua Tree

I photographed this lone Joshua Tree while visiting the Hall of Horrors area in the Joshua Tree National Park in the spring of 2017.

Cap Rock Sunset

Cap Rock Sunset

I photographed this Cap Rock Sunset during my recent trip to the Joshua Tree National Park to attend a night photography workshop.

Copano Bay Sunset

Copano Bay Sunset

I captured this Copano Bay Sunset from the Howard Murph Memorial Park during my recent trip to Rockport, Texas. I photographed here before.

Rockport Sunset

Rockport Beach Sunset

I was going through my photographs from last year’s trip to the Texas Gulf Coast when I ran across this Rockport beach sunset photograph.


Waiting Photographer

I captured this photograph of a waiting photographer during my trip to Rockport, TX last year. He patiently stood there until the sun set.

Desert Flora Sunset

I photographed this desert flora sunset during my trip to Big Bend NP last year. The clouds were sparse but the desert flowers were amazing.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Sunset

Coastal Sunset

This coastal sunset photo is another one from my trip to Rockport. It was taken a couple of minutes before the photo of the The Photographer.

Sunset Reflection

Sunset Reflection

At first I was not too excited about this photograph but then I decided that there was more to it than the sunset reflection on the water.

Last Rays

Last Rays

I enjoy capturing the colorful last rays of a sunset. This was the case when I captured this photo during my trip to Pedernales Falls SP.