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Howard Murph Memorial Park

Lonely Pier

Lonely Pier

I photographed this Lonely Pier shortly after photographing the same pier a few minutes earlier and a few dozen yards north of this point.

Copano Bay Sunset

Copano Bay Sunset

I captured this Copano Bay Sunset from the Howard Murph Memorial Park during my recent trip to Rockport, Texas. I photographed here before.

Fulton Beach

Ferries and Gators

Yesterday was another busy day in the Rockport area. I rode two ferries to cross the channel and I saw several gators.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Setup.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Setup

My trip to Rockport was without incident. After completing my planned activities I headed to Howard Murph Memorial Park for a sunset photo.

Rockport Sunset

Rockport Beach Sunset

I was going through my photographs from last year’s trip to the Texas Gulf Coast when I ran across this Rockport beach sunset photograph.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Sunset

Rockport Sunset

I captured this Rockport Sunset during my trip to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge last February to photograph the wonderful birds there.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Sunset

Coastal Sunset

This coastal sunset photo is another one from my trip to Rockport. It was taken a couple of minutes before the photo of the The Photographer.

Howard Murph Memorial Park Sunset

Sunset Colors

This photograph was taken during my recent trip to Rockport, at the Howard Murph Park a few minutes before “The Photographer” photo that I posted previously.

Practice Landing


This is another image from my recent trip to Rockport, TX. In this photograph, the pilot is conducting a practice landing and take-off drill.

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