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Austin Skyline

Austin Skyline

Storm Over Austin

I always keep an eye on the forecast. I went out earlier this week to take advantage of nearby storms to photograph the Storm over Austin.

Austin Skyline, Sunset, Zilker Park Clubhouse

Full Moon Over Austin

This image of the full moon over Austin was taken just a couple of minutes prior to the image I posted yesterday titled “Howl at the Moon”.

Austin Skyline, Doug Sahm Hill Summit, Sunrise

Sahm Hill Summit

I captured this sunrise of downtown austin from Sahm Hill Summit. I have been wanting to photograph downtown from this vantage point for some time.

Austin Skyline, Moonrise, Summer Solstice, Sunset

Strawberry Moon

For the first time in 50 years we were witness to a strawberry moon during the summer solstice. So, I set out earlier this week to capture this rare event.

Austin Skyline, Sunset

Austin Skyline

Austin lakes are full due to the torrential rains. Water released from the dams is rushing downstream. I decided to photograph the rapidly flowing river.

Austin Skyline, Lou Ness Point, Sunrise


Few locations exist for landscape photographers in central Texas. Most of us gravitate to cityscapes. This is where I captured this colorful sunrise.

Downtown Austin


I can’t believe this is my 200th post. It has definitely exceeded my expectations. It seems like it was only the other day that I was writing my 150th post.

Austin Skyline, Lou Ness Point, Sunrise


I mentioned in a recent post that I went scouting for a sunrise location to photograph Austin’s growing skyline. I found a location named Lou Neff Point.


I took some time during the day yesterday to go scouting for new photography locations when I ran across this site near Zilker Park near downtown Austin.

Austin Night Skyline

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The economy in Austin continues to flourish and as a result the skyline continues to change. In fact, it’s changed dramatically since I took this image back in April of 2012.

Austin Skyline Panorama

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I took this image from the pedestrian walkway on the soutside of the river near downtown Austin. The magnificent colors in the clouds backlit the image.