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Austin Skyline

I mentioned earlier this week that it has been raining a lot in Central Texas. Some parts of the Austin area have received over two feet of rain! As a result, Lake Travis (our primary lake) is now over 120% capacity. The local water authority is releasing water from the dam and it is running downstream through downtown Austin. I had a dinner date the other evening and decided to take my camera with me and headed out after dinner to photograph the rapidly flowing Colorado River (not the same one that runs through the Western states). It is estimated that the flow right now is 11,000,000 gallons per minute. I decided to use a long exposure in order to smooth out the rough water.

I am starting to take the cranes throughout the downtown area for granted. It’s almost like they are part of the skyline. Well, I guess in a way they are but hopefully not permanently… Very large buildings are popping up in various locations. Most of these (if not all) are condominiums. I begin to wonder if we are going to have a condominium “bubble” burst at some point in the near future.

Austin Skyline

Austin Skyline

This image was taken with my Sony Alpha A7R II using my Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 Lens set on 16 mm. The camera was set on Aperture priority mode with the aperture set at f/22, shutter speed at 25 seconds and the ISO set at 50. I used the high aperture and the low ISO in order to get the long exposure. I could have also used my Lee Filters but I did not bring them along.

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