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I mentioned my trip to San Antonio back in 2008 in recent blog posts. I went there to photograph the four missions that are part of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. I have posted images of three of these missions including Mission San Jose, Mission Concepcion and Mission Espada. The fourth Mission in the park is Mission San Juan. Originally christened San José de los Nazonis while in East Texas, the reestablished mission of San Juan Capistrano made its permanent home along the banks of the San Antonio River in 1731. By mid-century, the mission was a regional supplier of agricultural produce and it established a trade network stretching east to Louisiana and south to Coahuila, Mexico.

As photographers we often take digital color images and transform them to black and white with a click of a mouse.  It’s very simple and I have done it quite a few times.  In fact, my post on iPhoneography showcased three images that I captured and processed on my iPhone. Going the other way, however, is not so easy.  As I was posting my San Antonio Missions images I thought it would be a good idea to change things up and “colorize” one of them.

Mission San Juan

This image was taken with my using my Mamiya 7 II with the Mamiya N4 80mm Lens . The camera was set on Aperture Priority mode, however, I don’t recall the aperture and shutter speed settings. I used Kodak Professional T-Max 400 (400 ISO) black and white negative film. I processed the film in my darkroom and scanned it using my Epson V750 scanner with a medium format negative tray. The colorization was cone in Photoshop and the final digital processing was completed in Adobe Lightroom.

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