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Every year new words are added to our vocabulary and many of them are related to innovative technologies that are increasingly becoming part of our daily life. iPhoneography is one of those new words.  This is a style of mobile photography that differs from all other forms of digital photography in that images are both shot and processed on the device. Added in 2007 with the launch of the iPhone 2 megapixel camera, iPhoneography is something many of us do every day.  Of course, it requires an Apple iPhone to be true to it’s name, but actually the practice extends to all sorts of smartphones and tablets containing a camera.

The image below is of Castleton Tower located in the Eastern part of Utah.  Near the town of Castle Valley.  I took this image with my iPhone while cruising down La Sal Loop Road on our way to Moab, UT. Castleton Tower is a 400-foot Wingate Sandstone tower standing on a 1,000 foot cone. The Tower is world-renowned as a subject for photography and for its classic rock climbing routes. It was featured in the Fifty Classic Climbs of North America documentary. The elevation is 6,656 feet. Using Google Maps, you can revisit the exact point where I took this photograph by clicking here.

Castleton Tower

Triangles are an essential part of good photography composition.  How many triangles can you spot in this image?

This image was taken with my Apple iPhone 6 Plus using the back camera. The lens on the camera is a 4.15mm lens. The camera was set on Automatic mode with the aperture set at f/2.2, shutter speed at 1/2500th of a second and the ISO a 32. Staying true to iPhoneography, I processed this photo in the iPhone using the native Photos app editor.

Click on the image to get a better look at this image. Please use the section below to post your comments, questions or suggestions.

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  1. I like the Moab images especially the star burst. Nice light and the B&Ws, to me, are more interesting than the comparable RGBs.

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