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The Doors

You’ve probably figured out by now that I really like shooting structures (like windows and doors) and that I like black & white film photography and that I enjoy putting together triptych images. Well, here is a post with all three combined into a single composite image. I have posted quite a few images of the San Antonio Missions and I have recounted the story about their origin and how they have become a great attraction in the San Antonio area so I won’t bore you with that again.  As I was looking at the photographs I was amazed at how the craftsman at the time put together the doors and windows.  So, I share three different styles that I have found. Was investing about all of these (and even our own doors) is the need to decorate them.  Why isn’t a door just a plain door to close out the elements?  Why does it have to be decorated? Is it because we want our guests to be awed of our door decorating skills? Hmmm.

The Doors

San Antonio Missions – Doors

This image was taken with my using my Mamiya 7 II with the Mamiya N4 80mm Lens . The camera was set on Aperture Priority mode, however, I don’t recall the aperture and shutter speed settings. I used Kodak Professional T-Max 400 (400 ISO) black and white negative film. I processed the film in my darkroom and scanned it using my Epson V750 scanner with a medium format negative tray.

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