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Stuart Rocks Beach Sunrise


This is another photo in the Stuart Rocks Beach sunrise sequence. This post also contains some tips on how to photograph sunrises and sunsets.

Stuart Rocks Beach

Sunrise State

Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” but I think “Sunrise State” would be equally descriptive. I was looking for rocky beaches to photograph the sunrise and found one near Stuart, FL.

Sunrise at Stuart Rocks

Rocky Sunrise

I made a trip to Florida in March of 2015. I took advantage of the trip and ventured out to scout some good sunrise locations. Stuart Beach was high on my list.

Miami, Miami Skyline

Miami Sunrise

I traveled to the Miami area earlier this year to attend an event and do some photography work. One image I wanted to capture was the Miami skyline at dawn.



The Monarch Butterfly is the most familiar North American butterfly, and is an iconic pollinator species. They are also famous for their long migrations.



I posted recently about a trip that I made to Florida and the various photography opportunities I had. I spotted this pier below during one of my outings.

Egret at the Fairchild Botanical Garden

Egret at the Fairchild Botanical Garden

  • Wildlife
  • 2 min read

I made a trip to Miami in March of 2015. Of particular interest was the Fairchild Botanical Garden. Very enjoyable place. Lots of flowers and wildlife. It was there I met my friend the Egret.