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Photography Apps

The growth and sophistication of digital photography has been amazing and it has been made even better by the large number of applications that take much of the guesswork out of photography.  These tools help photographer’s plan their photography outings and helps them with information that enables them to take better photographs. One of my favorite applications is SetMyCamPro. This application has many functions but the one I use frequently is the depth of field calculator. It will calculate the DoF given the lens focal length, aperture and focus distance. The application is only available on the Apple App Store for both iPhone and iPad. I’m sure there are Android equivalent applications.

To calculate depth of field, you simply use the “wheel” to select the lens focal length (50mm in this case), aperture f/stop (f/8.0 in the example) and focal distance (10 feet). The application then shows you the area that will be in focus. In this example it’s anything between 7.7 feet to 14.0 feet (6.3 feet total). It also calculates hyperfocal distances. I’ll save this explanation for another day. In addition to the depth of field calculator, the application has other tools including a Field of View (FoV) calculator (the view that a particular lens will produce), shutter speed recommendations (SSR), and a remote camera triggering (RCT) system.

SetMyCamPro Screen

There are other applications available for photographers. I’ll discuss other applications in future posts. I hope you have found this helpful.

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