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Some friends in the Marketing department at Dell asked me if would like to volunteer for the Dell PGA Match Play tournament being held for the first time at the Austin Country Club. The task was to draw upon my photography, social media and coaching experience in order to lead a team of University of Texas students who would serve as “Social Media Caddies” during the tournament. Each student would be assigned a tablet and asked to photograph the “fan experience” during the golf matches. I was grateful for the amazing opportunity and readily accepted. Dell provided me with a Dell Venue 8 tablet to practice my tablet photography in order to come up with a photography plan and also contribute some photographs during the tournament. I conducted a training session with the students and gave them a brief overview of tablet photography and provided them with guidelines for taking good photographs.

I took the photo below upon arrival at the course for my second day of the tournament. Later that day the PGA Social Media team asked if I had any photographs of the Dell Fan Park as they needed a cover photo for an article. I showed them this photo and they immediately decided to include it in the article as the cover photo. A proud moment in a hobbyist photographer’s journey. I would like to thank both Dell and the PGA of America for this great opportunity. You can access the PGA article about the Dell Fan Park by clicking here.

Dell Match Play - Article Cover Photo

Dell Match Play – Article Cover Photo

This image was taken with the Dell Venue 8 7840 using the back 8 Megapixel camera. I set the camera on automatic mode. The aperture was set at f/2.4, shutter speed at 1/2000th of a second and the ISO set at 37.

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