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Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

I ran across this image while was processing photos from my last visit to the bird blind. So, here is another Northern Cardinal for your viewing pleasure.

Northern Cardinal - Female

Mrs. Cardinalis Cardinalis

Since yesterday’s post was a male Northern Cardinal, I thought it only appropriate to show you a female Northern Cardinal.

Northern Cardinal

Cardinalis Cardinalis

It’s bird time again! I have not posted a Cardinal for awhile so I thought it was bout time to do so. Northern Cardinals are one of my favorite birds.

Northern Cardinal - Male


I wasn’t going to post another image of a cardinal for a while until I met this handsome guy. So, here you go. Meet another Northern Cardinal.

Northern Cardinal

Mrs. Cardinal

Northern Cardinals are one of my favorite birds. This photograph of “Mrs. Cardinal” was taken at the same spot as the photograph I posted two days ago.

Northern Cardinal


Reflecting back on this year, I believe that 2015 has been a wonderful year and it especially so for my photography hobby.

Northern Cardinal - Pedernales Falls SP


Cardinals are one of the most recognizable birds in North America. They are also one of the most plentiful birds in Central Texas.

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