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Big Bend NP

Nugent Mountain

Big Bend #5

The Glenn Springs area is filled with great history and it has a lot of possibilities for a great photograph. Unfortunately, the weather conditions have rarely cooperated.

Big Bend - Rio Grande Sunset

Big Sunset

Another “Big Sunset” from my trip to Big Bend NP earlier this year. The photo was taken from a hilltop near the Rio Grande Village Campground.

Nugent Mountain

Liquid Gold

This photograph was taken in an area called Glenn Springs. As it turns out, this area has a very long and interesting history associated with “liquid gold”.

Spiny Hedgehog Cactus - Big Bend NP /Cattail Falls Trail

Fruit Rollups

The Spiny Hedge Hog is found throughout Texas. I found this specimen during my trip to Big Bend earlier this year. The stigma looks like fruit rollups.

Engelman's Prickly Pear Cactus - Big Bend NP / Cattail Falls Trail

Prickly Baby

I was hiking In Big Bend when I ran across this Engelmann’s Prickly Pear Cactus on the way to see Cattail Falls. I was fond of this little prickly baby bud.

Soaptree Yucca

Soapy Asparagus

I’m sure the title “Soapy Asparagus” conjures up terrible childhood memories. The combination of soap and asparagus is not something any of us care to think about. But, those words are not what they seem.

Canyon’s First Light

The Santa Elena Canyon is another main attraction within the Big Bend NP. The canyon is part of the US/Mexico border and is home to the Rio Grand. This image captures the canyon’s first light.

Ernst Tinaja

Will the real Ernst tinaja…

Will the real Ernst tinaja… I posted an image yesterday that I took in the Ernst tinaja canyon. In that post, I showcased an image of another tinaja. Well, this is the real Ernst tinaja.

Ernst Tinaja Reflection

Tinaja Reflection

I spent a few days in Big Bend NP with some of my photography friends earlier this year. I captured this reflecting sunrise in the Ernst tinaja canyon.

Big Bend NP Sunset

Desert Sunset

Another sunset from my trip earlier this year to Big Bend National Park. I posted another desert sunset last week. This image was taken a few minutes earlier.

Engelman's Prickly Pear Cactus - Big Bend NP / Cattail Falls Trail

Very Prickly

While doing some editing I ran across this Engelmann’s Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia engelmannii var. engelmannii) and I thought this very prickly image would make a good post.

Big Bend NP - Casa Grande Night Sky

Big Bend Milky Way Panorama

I recently posted an image I took during my trip to Big Bend National Park earlier this year. This Big Bend Milky Way panorama is from the same trip but at a different location.

Milky Way at Castelon

Big Bend Night Sky

One of the highlights of the trip was the early morning Milky Way shots. The first time was near the Castolon area which is on the way to Santa Helena Canyon. It was my first Milky Way shooting experience so I made a lot of mistakes early on.

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