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Hotel Quinta Real

The group I was with in Oaxaca made a stop at the Hotel Quinta Real prior to going out for dinner. It is a magnificent facility that is frequently used for weddings and celebrations.

The structure was built in 1576. It was originally the Convent of Santa Catalina until the mid-18th century when the nuns were forced to leave due to political strife. The property was used as offices for municipal bureaucrats until restoration on the building began in 1972. The area in the photograph was used by the nun to launder their clothes and linens.

Hotel Quinta Real
Hotel Quinta Real

This image was taken with my iPhone 7 Plus using the Lightroom CC application for the iPhone. The camera was set on Normal mode with the aperture set at f/1.8, the shutter speed at 1/30th of a second and the ISO set at 125. The photo was processed in Lightroom on the iPhone.

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