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Iglesia de Santo Domingo

We passed by the Iglesia de Santo Domingo on our way to dinner one evening.  We were heading to one of Oaxaca’s best restaurants, Pitiona. As we were passing this iconic church, I noticed that the lighting was just right. So, I pulled out my iPhone and took this photo. At first I regretted not bringing my camera along but after looking at the photo on my phone I was very pleased with the quality of the photo. It is amazing how good the smart phone cameras are these days.

The Iglesia de Santo Domingo was established in Oaxaca as a church in monastery by the Dominican order in 1575. It was constructed over a period of 200 years. The monastery was active from 1608 and 1857. The buildings were turned over to the military for use during the revolutionary war. The church was restored for religious use in 1938. The monastery was made available to the University of Benito Juarez. In 1972 it became a regional museum. Restoration work began in 1993 and continues today. There is also a great botanical garden that is part of the complex. I highly recommend visiting this place.

Iglesia de Santo Domingo
Iglesia de Santo Domingo

This image was taken with my iPhone 7 Plus using the Lightroom CC application for the iPhone. The camera was set on Normal mode with the aperture set at f/1.8, the shutter speed at 1/30th of a second and the ISO set at 50. The photo was processed in Lightroom on the iPhone.

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