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Long Center

I posted an image similar to this one in October of last year titled “Long Reflection“. I used a wider angle lens to include more elements surrounding the pond. This time, I decided to focus solely on the reflection of the Long Center for the Performing Arts on the pond. This is the same pond as the two Austin Skyline images I posted last week.

The Long Center for the Performing Arts was built as the permanent home of Austin’s Opera, Symphony, Ballet and other local arts organizations. In the late 1990’s, these organizations were brought together by the need for a high quality performing venue.  Funding was secured in 2001, the project was approved in 2003 and it was completed in 2008. The architecture is magnificent and the theaters are well laid out. I’ve had the opportunity to attend multiple events and it’s an enjoyable experience.

Long Center Reflection
Long Center Reflection

This image was taken with my Sony A7R II using my Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 Lens set on 24 mm. The camera was set on Aperture priority mode with the aperture set at f/18, shutter speed at 20 seconds and the ISO set at 400. This image was processed from a single image using Lightroom and Photoshop.

This image is best when viewed large. Click on the image to enlarge it. Also, you can access other images like this in the Austin Skyline Gallery. Please use the section below to post your comments, questions or suggestions.

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