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Moab or Bust

Moab or bust! On my way to spend time with friends. This is the first image from my trip. Taken from inside a Jeep at 75 Mph through the car window with my iPhone 6 Plus.

UPDATE: I thought I would provide an update to this posting in order to elaborate more on the subject. The mountain in the image below is of Mount Garfield. It is the high point of the “Book Cliffs” located north of Grand Junction, Colorado. It was named after President James Garfield by the famous surveyor and explorer John Williams Gunnison. The mountain overlooks the town of Palisade, Colorado. I particularly enjoy this mountain range because of its shapes and the color contrast.

Moab or Bust
Mount Garfield

I’m not sure of the settings on my phone as I don’t have access to the data. All processing was done on my phone.

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