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Lightroom Tutorials

Last year I decided that I needed to improve my Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop skills so I went looking for the best on-line video tutorials.  I ran across Focus Photo School and specifically David Marx’s Lightroom Video Tutorials.  I was very impressed with David’s teaching style.  His calm and direct delivery was exactly what I needed.  I have viewed all of his 65+ tutorials and my Lightroom skills have improved significantly.  In addition, Mark Johnson is a wonderful Photoshop instructor and you’ll find his tutorials very helpful as well.

MSJ Photography

The subscription used to be $40 per year and it just recently changed to a monthly subscription.  That said, $5 per month is a huge bargain compared to the other tutorials that are out there.  David has a YouTube channel where you can see him in action.

Happy learning!

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    1. That’s great Duncan. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want recommendations on how to set up your catalogs (which Mark covers as well). What you do early on will impact how you use it do downstream.

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