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Milky Way

Big Bend Ranch State Park, Crowtown Movie Set, Light Painting, Milky Way, Night Photography

Crowtown Movie Set

The Milky Way over the Crowtown Movie Set in Big Bend Ranch State Park. Photographed in the Spring of 2018 using a light painting technique.

Moab Night Sky

Moab Night Sky

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I made a trip to Moab, Utah. We decided after dinner one evening to go in the patio area of our condominium to try to shoot the Moab night sky.

Milky Way, Night Sky

Big Bend Milky Way Panorama

I recently posted an image I took during my trip to Big Bend National Park earlier this year. This Big Bend Milky Way panorama is from the same trip but at a different location.

Milky Way at Castelon

Big Bend Night Sky

One of the highlights of the trip was the early morning Milky Way shots. The first time was near the Castolon area which is on the way to Santa Helena Canyon. It was my first Milky Way shooting experience so I made a lot of mistakes early on.