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LBJ Wildflower Center

LBJ Wildflower Center - Family Garden

Aerial Photography

I was invited by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX to shoot some video sequences and some Aerial Photography.

Heartleaf Hibiscus, Heartleaf rosemallow, Hibiscus cardiophyllus, LBJ Wildflower Center. Red Flower, Tulipan del Monte

Heartleaf Hibiscus

I photographed this Heartleaf Hibiscus at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center while practicing my manual focus rail technique.

Wild Poinsettia

I mentioned that the summer heat has turned into tropical rain. I decided to photograph a Wild Poinsettia in a secluded area of the center.

Blackfoot Daisy, Flowers, LBJ Wildflower Center, Melampodium Leucanthum

Blackfoot Daisy

I photographed this Blackfoot Daisy at the LBJ Wildflower Center. As a member of the Aster family, it resembles many other Texas Wildflowers.

Eastern Purple Coneflower - LBJ WFC

Roadside Flowers

My maternal grandparents loved the LBJ family and, like Lady Bird Johnson, my grandmother loved wildflowers. She wrote a poem titled “Roadside Flowers”.

Castilleja indivisa, Entireleaf Indian Paintbrush, Indian Paintbrush, LBJ Wildflower Center, Scarlet Paintbrush, Texas Indian Paintbrush, Texas Paintbrush

Texas Paintbrush

This photograph of a Texas Paintbrush is another one in the series that I captured while attending the Plant Identification course at the LBJ Wildflower Center.

Double-banded Bycid, LBJ Wildflower Center, Rattlesnake-weed, Sphaenothecus bivittata Dupont - Sphaenothecus bivittatus


I signed up for a Plant ID course at the LBJ Wildflower Center. I ran across this Double-banded Bycid hanging out on this Wild Carrot head during an outing.

Flowers, LBJ Wildflower Center

Bluebonnet Time!

Spring is just around the corner which for us Texans means that it’s Texas Bluebonnet time! This year, we are seeing Bluebonnet blooms much earlier than usual.

Hanging Snail

What Gives

I was taking photographs of some wildflowers when I noticed this snail. I was photographing it when it turned around and looked at me as to say “What gives!”