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Many people describe Cuba as a country frozen in time. This is evident by the large number of vintage vehicles on the roads, many in pristine condition.

No Photo for You

There is a place in Old Havana called the Plaza de la Catedral. It is here where you will find many Cuban Cigar Ladies posing for pictures. For me though, it was “No Photo for You”.

No Longer a Church

Iglesia de San Francisco de Paula in Havana is no longer a church. One of Havana’s most attractive churches was fully restored in 2000. The stained glass windows, heavy cupola and baroque facade are distinctive architectural elements.

Paladar Menu

One thing that can be said about Cuban society is that they have an incredible ability to adapt. Cuba was highly dependent on the Soviet Union. This all came to an abrupt halt with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Havana Apartment

While in Havana last year I had the opportunity to visit many museums and tourist sites. On the way back to the hotel one evening I decided to take a little detour through some of the streets in Havana.

Safari Trophy

Hemingway was a big game hunter and frequently traveled to Africa on safari. As I toured his home in Havana (by viewing through the open windows) I could not help but notice this guy on the wall.