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T. A. Moulton Barn

Most photographers that visit the Grand Teton National Park flock to Mormon Row in order to photograph the T. A. Moulton Barn. As such, the barn is known as the “most photographed barn in America”. The barn was high on my list when I decided to visit the Park. It is located about 15 miles north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The barn is all that remains of the a homestead built by Thomas Alma Moulton and his family. They lived in the homestead between 1912 and 1945. The series of barns along Mormon Row lie within the Grand Teton National Park. The property with the barn was one of the last parcels sold to the National Park Service by the Moulton family.

T. A. Moulton Barn
T. A. Moulton Barn

This image was taken with my Canon EOS 5DS using my Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II Lens set on 55 mm. The camera was set on Manual mode with the aperture set at f/8, shutter speed at 1/15th of a second and the ISO set at 100. I captured eight images and I stitched them together into one image using Lightroom. I did the preliminary processing in Lightroom then completed the image in Photoshop using Nik Color Efex Pro. I cropped a portion of the image to showcase the barn, the trees on the right and the mountains in the background.

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