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Buttonbush Fine Art

I’m not a big fan of “fine art” photos but they do have a place in the world of photography. I thought I would venture out once again and use one of my Texas Wildflower macro photography images to see what I could come up with. This Buttonbush flower was my first attempt. The flower’s delicate details, patterns, and subtle colors made it a good candidate.

Fine art photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as a photographer. Fine art photography stands in contrast to traditional photography, such as photojournalism, which provides a documentary visual account of specific subjects and events or landscape photography which captures nature’s best moments.

Fine art photography was first touted in the mid-1800s. John Edwin Mayall used daguerreotypes for his work. In the UK, as recently as 1960, photography was not really recognized as a fine art but rather as a craft. Digital technology has helped accelerate this form of art. American organizations, such as the Aperture Foundation and the Museum of Modern Art, have done much to keep photography at the forefront of the fine arts.

Buttonbush Fine Art
Buttonbush Fine Art

This image was taken with my Sony A7R II Digital Camera using my Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro Lens. The camera was set on Manual mode with the aperture set at f/8, shutter speed at 1/200th of a second and the ISO set at 400. I used only natural light to light the subject. I used the Kirk FR-2 Focusing Rail to capture 3 photographs and brought them together into one image using Photoshop using the Focus Stacking technique. I finished the image in Lightroom and Nik Color Efex Pro.

This image is best viewed large. Click on the image to enlarge it. You can access the profile for this plant by clicking here. Please use the section below to post your comments, questions or suggestions.

T. Kahler Photography
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3 thoughts on “Buttonbush Fine Art”

  1. So THAT is what those are. Nicely executed. I know not your cup of tea but in certain quarters you would get a lot of praise for this one.

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