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Kirk FR-2 Focusing Rail

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The Kirk FR-2 Focusing Rail is a precise focusing stage designed to permit fine tuning of camera-to-subject positioning in order to achieve exacting focus. The rail is driven by a 4.25″ stainless steel lead screw, with a pitch of 5/16″-24, that enables critical positioning at a rate of 0.042″ per revolution. Fine focusing is controlled by one of two knobs located at the ends of the rail or, for larger adjustments, a stage release lever permits faster, less restricted movement. Some of the features include:

  • Precise Camera-to-Subject Focusing
  • Adjustment Range: 4.25″
  • Stage Travel Per Revolution: 0.042″
  • Knob-Controlled Fine Adjustments
  • Release Lever for Large Adjustments
  • 360°-Rotating QR Mount
  • Arca-Type Dovetail on Base of Rail
  • Compatible with Arca-Type Camera Plates
Kirk FR-2 Focusing Rail
Kirk FR-2 Focusing Rail

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