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Lichen and Ferns

I had the opportunity recently to go on a short hike with a friend at Inks Lake State Park. The park is located on Park Road 4 near Llano, Texas (home of the famous Coopers BBQ). We were making our way to the new bird blind to photograph birds when we ran across some very impressive geological formations near the “Devil’s Waterhole”. The Waterhole is very popular with swimmers during the summer months. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the park and how well organized it was.

The area between Llano and Burnet is a geological wonderland and is comprised mostly of Town Mountain Granite and Valley Spring Gneiss. The park lies mostly on the latter. The image below is of one of the rock outcroppings along the trail. What attracted me to this particular formation was the lichen and ferns that were growing on and around the formation. I had seen similar lichen growing in the Big Bend National Park during our recent trip in December. I posted an image of “Gold Cobblestone Lichen“. The lichen on this rock is likely Crustose Lichen. It can come in a variety of colors such as yellow, orange, red, gray and green. These colors tend to be bright and vibrant. This area is also well known for its abundant Texas Wildflowers. I plan to come back in the spring when all the flowers are in bloom.

Lichen and Ferns

Lichen and Ferns

This image was taken with my iPhone 6 Plus using the back camera. The automatic settings for the camera included an aperture setting of f/2.2, shutter speed at 1/120th of a second and the ISO set at 50. I used the flash included in the phone to light the subject. All processing was done in Lightroom.

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