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West Texas

Chihuahuan Flax, Focus Stacking, Linum vernale, Terlingua Creek, Texas Wildflowers, West Texas

Chihuahuan Flax

A Chihuahuan Flax (Linum vernale) photographed along Terlingua Creek, North of Terlingua, using the focus stacking method.

Big Bend National Park, Focus Stacking, Sierra Del Chino, Texas Wildflowers

Big Bend Bluebonnet

The Big Bend Bluebonnet is similar than the bluebonnets we have in the Austin area. The Big Bend variety has fewer leaves and grow much taller.

Prada Store

Prada Store

No trip to West Texas is complete without visiting the Prada Store. The store sits right next to Highway 90 and it is a very popular tourist attraction.

Big Bend, Snowfall, Snowy

Wild Horse

A wild horse in a West Texas snowstorm in the fall of 2017. I photographed it while driving on highway 118 near Marathon, Texas

Dalea formosa, Feather Dalea, Feather dalea, Featherplume, Focus Stacking, Texas Wildflowers

Feather Dalea

I captured this photograph of a Feather Dalea (Dalea formosa) while on a drive in the desert to an area called “Agua Fria Springs”.