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Yellow Texas Wildflowers

Big-fruit Evening-primrose, Bigfruit Evening-primrose, Fluttermill, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Missouri Evening-primrose, Missouri Primrose, Oenothera macrocarpa, Texas Wildflowers

Bigfruit Evening-primrose

The Bigfruit Evening Primrose can be trailing or upright, usually growing 8-10 in. high. Its large, 3-4 in. wide, yellow flowers are showy.

Aster, Asteraceae, Bitterweed, Four-nerve daisy, Hymenoxys, Pedernales Falls State Park, Stemmy four-nerve daisy, Tetraneuris scaposa var. scaposa


Bitterweed or Four-nerve Daisy is a low, upright, silvery perennial to1 ft.. The solitary flower heads occur at the end of silky, leafless stalks.

Focus Stacking, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Texas Wildflowers

Brown-Eyed Susan

The Brown-Eyed Susan is a cheerful, widespread wildflower. Its bright-yellow, 2-3 in. wide, daisy-like flowers with dark centers are its claim to fame.

Brown-spined Prickly Pear, Brown-spined prickly pear, Brownspine prickly pear cactus, Desert prickly pear, New mexico prickly pear, Opuntia phaeacantha Engelm., Purple-fruited prickly pear, Tulip prickly pear

Brown-Spined Prickly Pear

This brown-spined prickly pear cactus forms dense thickets 8 ft. across and up to 8 ft. tall. Common to abundant in abandoned pastures and old fields on stony soil

Big Bend National Park, Butterweed, Focus Stacking, Grapevine Hills Trail, Texas Wildflowers


Butterweed s a somewhat weedy perennial which is valued for its ability to thrive in moist shady locations and produce a long and profuse spring bloom.

Big Bend National Park, Chihuahuan Flax, Flowers, Linum vernale

Chihuahuan Flax

A slender, erect plant with yellow-orange, bowl-shaped flowers, each with a maroon center. This species is common in parts of the Chihuahuan Desert.

Berlandiera lyrata, Chocolate Flower, Chocolate daisy, Chocolate flower, Green-eyed lyre leaf, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Lyreleaf greeneyes, Texas Wildflowers

Chocolate Flower

The Chocolate Flower smells like chocolate! On warm days it will fill the air with the fragrance of chocolate.

Creosote Bush, Creosote bush, Governadora, Greasewood, Guamis, Hediondilla, Larrea tridentata

Creosote Bush

Creosote-bush is a 3-5 ft., evergreen shrub which can reach 10 ft. and has numerous flexible stems usually arising from the base at an angle.

Big Bend National Park, Focus Stacking, Grapevine Hills Trail, Texas Wildflowers

Desert Marigold

Desert marigold is a 12-18 in., mound-shaped biennial. Its daisy-like flowers form impressive mounds of nearly solid yellow.

Coulter hibiscus, Desert Rosemallow, Desert rose-mallow, Desert rosemallow, Hibiscus coulteri, Hibiscus coulteri var. brevipedunculatus

Desert Rosemallow

Desert Rosemallow is a handsome ornamental, grown for its showy flowers. It’s large, yellow, cup-shaped flowers, sometimes tinged with red or purple at the base.

Big Bend State Park, Cactus Flowers, Contrabando Trail

Engelmann’s Prickly Pear Cactus

This is perhaps the most abundant prickly pear in West Texas, and one of the most attractive. It produces masses of yellow to orange flowers,

Common Dogweed, Five-needle Fetid Marigold, Fiveneedle pricklyleaf, Parralena, Thymophylla pentachaeta

Fiveneedle Pricklyleaf

The Fiveneedle Pricklyleaf is a low, tufted, dark green, prickly plant with 1 small, deep yellow flower head on each of several leafless stalks above the foliage.

Ernst Tinaja, Gray Golden-Aster, Heterotheca Canescens, Texas Wildflowers

Gray Golden Aster

The Gray Golden Aster is a North American species of flowering plant. It has been found in Northern Mexico and in the Great Plains of the central US.

Greenthread, McKinney Falls State Park, THFI, Thelesperma filifolium


Greenthread is a winter annual, and is often found growing in colonies. Its slender, branched stems, 10-30 in. tall, bear leaves divided into thread-like segments.

Firewheel, Gaillardia pulchella, Gaillardia pulchella Foug., Indian Blanket

Indian Blanket

Indian blanket is a popular annual growing 1-2 ft. tall and showy flower heads with rays red at the base, tipped with yellow, each with 3 teeth at the end.

Big Bend National Park, Cattail Falls Trail

Longspur Columbine

The Longspur Columbine is native to moist canyons from southern Arizona, south into mountains of adjacent northern Mexico.

Walnut Creek Park

Maximilian Sunflower

A native prairie perennial, the Maximilian Sunflower is a desirable range plant. A heavy crop of seeds is produced, thus it is a valuable plant for wildlife.

Lepachys columnaris, Lepachys columnifera, Long-headed coneflower, Mexican Hat, Mexican hat, Prairie coneflower, Ratibida columnaris, Ratibida columnaris var. pulcherrima, Red-spike mexican-hat, Rudbeckia columnaris, Rudbeckia columnifera, Thimbleflower, Upright prairie coneflower

Mexican Hat

The Mexican Hat has long leafless stalks bearing flower heads of 3-7 yellow or yellow and red-brown, drooping rays surrounding a long, red-brown central disk.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Ludwigia octovalvis, Mexican Primrose Willow, Mexican primrose-willow, Narrow-leaf Water Primrose, Seedbox

Mexican Primrose Willow

The Mexican Primrose Willow is a rather weedy perennial or subshrub of sunny areas with wet soils. Plants in full flower are colorful and showy.

Big Bend National Park, Hosackia puberula var. nana, Lotus longebracteatus, Lotus neomexicanus, Lotus oroboides, Lotus oroboides var. nanus, Lotus oroboides var. nummularius, Lotus plebeius, Lotus plebeius (Brandegee) Barneby, Lotus ×nummularius, New Mexico Bird's-Foot Trefoil, New Mexico bird's-foot trefoil, Pine deervetch

New Mexico Bird’s-Foot Trefoil

An inconspicuous ground-hugging plant, the New Mexico Bird’s-Foot Trefoil is about 1 foot across and has masses of 1/2-inch bright yellow flowers.

Rainbow Cactus

The Rainbow Cactus is a low, cylindrical cactus girdled by bands of colorful spines with pink, rose, lavender, or yellow flowers.

Echinocereus dasyacanthus Engelm., Golden rainbow hedgehog, Spiny Hedgehog Cactus, Spiny hedgehog cactus, Texas rainbow cactus, Yellow Pitaya

Spiny Hedgehog Cactus

The Spiny Hedgehog cactus is oval at first, soon becoming cylindrical, and grows to 15 inches or so, with a 4-inch diameter.

Sunflower Goldeneye

Sunflower Goldeneye

The Sunflower Goldeneye grows in colonies to be 3-6 ft tall. Its numerous yellow, 1 1/2 in., daisy-like flowers appear at the tips of long, slender, leafless stalks.

LBJ Wildflower Center, Lindheimer daisy, Lindheimera texana, Texas Star, Texas Yellow-star, Texas Yellowstar

Texas Star

Texas star plants have 1 to several flower heads in a cluster. Each flower head has 5 bright yellow ray flowers, each with 2 prominent veins and indented at the tip.

Big Bend National Park, Focus Stacking, Hot Springs Trail, Texas Wildflowers

Trans-pecos Senna

The Trans-Pecos Senna grows only in Big Bend National Park. The plant thrives in a desert habitat, and prefers gravelly soil.

Big Bend National Park, Calylophus heartwegii, Oenothera hartwegii, Western Evening Primrose

Western Evening Primrose

A somewhat upright and bushy plant with narrow leaves and soft yellow cup flowers that open in the evening and close the next afternoon shortly before new flowers open.

Acacia constricta, Big Bend National Park, Sierra Del Chino, Vachellia constricta, Vachellia constricts, Whitethorn Acacia

Whitethorn Acacia

The Whitethorn Acacia is a 9-15 ft., multi-trunked tree with small, yellow-orange balls of fragrant flowers and finely segmented, pinnate leaves which fall off during dry seasons.

Big Bend National Park, Esperanza, Flowers, Tecoma stans, Trumpetbush, Trumpetflower, Yellow Bells, Yellow elder, Yellow trumpetbush, Yellow trumpetflower, Yellowbells

Yellow Bells

Esperanza or Yellow bells is an irregularly shaped, deciduous shrub, normally 3-6 ft. tall in the US but more southerly varieties can reach 9 ft.

Blazingstar, Eucnide bartonioides Zucc.
Rock-nettle, Loasaceae, Yellow Rocknettle, Yellow rocknettle, Yellow stingbush

Yellow Rocknettle

Yellow rocknettle can be found in the rock ledges all along the Rio Grande, including those on the trail to the historical Hot Springs in Big Bend National Park

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Yellow Waterlily

The Yellow Waterlily is an aquatic plant with bright yellow flowers and floating leaves. The lovely flowers are open from midday to late afternoon.