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WordPress Tutorials

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Have you ever wanted to build your own website or blog? Do you find that task intimidating? I did but it turned out to be much simpler than I thought, thanks to some online video WordPress tutorials. I started out updating my old website on my own and struggled until I found OSTraining.  They have some of the best WordPress tutorials.

Wordpress Tutorials

WordPress Tutorials

OSTraining provides online tutorials for a variety of technology products including WordPress, Web Design & Marketing/SEO.  Some of these terms may be foreign to you but they won’t when you are done watching the series. What I liked about it is that they have very, very basic tutorials all the way through very advanced levels. You can start at your own level and move along at your own pace. They also have eBooks for these topics. I found a lifetime subscription on Cult of Mac Deals for $79.  Their going rate right now is $15/month.  I’m happy to answer any questions regarding my website development.  Just drop me a note here or leave a comment below.

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