Malvaceae (Hibiscus coulteri)

Description: Desert rose-mallow or Coulter hibiscus is handsome ornamental, grown for its showy flowers. Straggling to a width of 2 ft., the slender, woody, flowering stems rise to a height of 5 ft. Large, yellow, cup-shaped flowers, sometimes tinged with red or purple at the base, are borne atop the stems. A shrubby plant with rough hairs, undivided lower leaves, divided upper leaves, and large, cup-shaped, whitish to yellow flowers, often tinged with red. A humble relative of the brilliant tropical Hibiscus plants, members of a genus that contains almost 300 species.

Family: Malvaceae

Synonym(s): Hibiscus coulteri var. brevipedunculatus


Duration: Perennial

Habit: Herb

Size Class: 3-6 ft.

Bloom Color: Yellow

Bloom Time: Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

Water Use: Low

Light Requirements: Part Shade

Soil Moisture: Dry

Bloom Notes: Conditions Comments: Drought tolerant. This plant should be cut back nearly to the base each winter to encourage a bushier habit and more blooms. Coulter hibiscus flowers during the hottest part of the season when other plants are not showy. It is short-lived, but reseeds freely.

Missing Images: Plant, Leaf, Close-Up, Fruit-Seed

Data Completeness: Complete

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