White Gaura (Oenothera lindheimeri)

Mexican Primrose Willow is a rather weedy perennial or subshrub of sunny areas with wet soils. Plants in full flower are colorful and showy and it is well suited for difficult areas, such as ditches or low wet ground.

Description: An upright to widely spreading, soft-hairy, 2-5 ft. perennial with delicate white flowers in elongated terminal and axillary clusters. The flowers are four-petaled, in one row on the upward side, and turn pink with age. Stamens are conspicuously long. Stems are solitary to several and much-branched in the upper portion. A large and showy gaura often forming extensive colonies. Flowers open in early morning. Flower fragrance has sometimes been compared to cat urine.

Family: Onagraceae

Synonym(s): White Gaura, Butterfly Gaura, Lindheimer's Beeblossom, Lindheimer's Gaura

USDA Symbol: OELI2

Duration: Perennial

Habit: Herb

Size Class: 1-3 ft.

Bloom Color: White, Pink

Bloom Time: Apr, May, Jun, Jul

Water Use: Medium

Light Requirements: Part Shade

Soil Moisture: Moist

Bloom Notes: Open vase-shaped plant, branches arching in many directions. Leaf color is dark green in summer, and red, gold or purple in the fall. The flower, white fading pink, has only a few flowers open at a time with new ones opening as stalks grow throughout most. Flowers open in early morning. Tolerant of high heat. Flower fragrance has sometimes been compared to cat urine. Can be invasive.

Missing Images: Plant, Leaf, Fruit-Seed

Data Completeness: Complete

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