Eryngo (Eryngium leavenworthii)

Description:  Leavenworth’s eryngo is a prickly, 20-40 in. annual with a leafy stem, broadly branched in the upper portion. Almost the entire plant has some shade of purple. Flowers are minute, purple, and mingled with small, spiny bracts in an elongated, terminal, head-like cluster. These are subtended by conspicuous spiny-tipped bracts. The leaves are deeply lobed, each segment edged and tipped with stiff spines. A tuft of small, rigid, spiny leaves grows out of the top of the flower head. It is desirable to wear a thick pair of gloves if one cuts the flowers. The eryngos are not true thistles and are often confused with thistles, due to similarity in both appearance and habitat preference. Splashing fields a brilliant purple, it provides an excellent source for late summer and early fall color.

Family:  Apiaceae

Synonym(s):  Leavenworth's eryngo, Eryngo, False purple thistle

USDA Symbol:  ERLE11

Duration:  Annual

Habit: Herb

Size Class: 1-3 ft.

Bloom Color: Blue, Purple

Bloom Time: Jul, Aug, Sep

Water Use:  Low

Light Requirements:  Sun

Soil Moisture:  Moist

Bloom Notes:  Leavenworths eryngo is a prickly annual with a leafy stem, broadly branched in the upper portion. The strange-looking eryngo is deer-resistant and geometric in form. This plant is very showy and interesting but has purple, alien-like flowers with tough, thorny leaves.

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