Soaptree Yucca

This is a 5-20 ft., tree-like yucca with fine, arching, gray-green to blue-green leaves with white margins. Plants resemble coarse bunchgrass when young, gradually developing several heads on trunk-like stems with age. The flowering stem in 3-7 ft. long with 25-30 side branches covered with clusters of creamy-white, bell-shaped flowers. The brown, woody seed capsule is interesting. Evergreen, palmlike shrub or small tree with single trunk or several clustered trunks; unbranched or with few upright branches and very long, narrow leaves. Growth is extremely slow, about 1 (2.5 cm) in height a year. The local name Palmilla, Spanish for small palm, refers to the resemblance of this species to a palm.

Family: Asparagus

Synonym(s): Yucca angustissima var. elata, Yucca elata var. elata, Yucca elata var. utahensis, Yucca elata var. verdiensis, Yucca utahensis, Yucca verdiensis


Duration: Perennial

Habit: Cactus/Succulent

Size Class: 3-6 ft.

Bloom Color: White

Bloom Time: Apr, May, Jun

Water Use: Low

Light Requirements: Sun

Soil Moisture: Dry

Bloom Notes: Well-drained soils. Gypseous, Sandy, Sandy Loam, Medium Loam. State flower of New Mexico.


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