Llano Spillway
I stopped at the Llano dam to photograph the Llano spillway during one of my Texas wildflower scouting trips to the area.
Texas Bluebonnets
Texas Bluebonnets against winter grass. I liked this because it is a symbol that spring has sprung and what has passed will be new again.
Band Photo
My friend Sam Pace invited me to photograph a band photo during a recording session for their new album. I captured this one during a break.
Setting Sun
I arrived at the Howard Murph Park near Rockport during low tide and decided to incorporate the seashells into my photo of the setting sun.
Northern Shoveler
I photographed this Northern Shoveler during my trip to the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center in the Port Aransas Nature Preserve.
Fishing Pier House
I photographed this Fishing Pier House located on Fulton Beach Road during my last morning in Rockport, Texas earlier this month.
Seashells on the Seashore
When I captured this photograph near Rockport, Texas the tongue twister "She sells sea shells on the seashore" came to mind.
Spring has Sprung
Spring has Sprung in Texas! The much warmer than normal temperatures has confused Mother Nature to the point that she has given up on winter
Lonely Pier
I photographed this Lonely Pier shortly after photographing the same pier a few minutes earlier and a few dozen yards north of this point.
Sunrise Pier
I photographed this sunrise pier a few minutes before photographing the old pier I posted last week. I chose the other one for the sunrise.
Pied-billed Grebe
I photographed this Pied-billed Grebe along the raise boardwalk at the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center located in Port Aransas, Texas.
Sunset Photographer
I photographed this sunset photographer during my visit to Howard Murph Memorial Park during my recent trip to Rockport, Texas.
Sunset on Old Pier
I photographed this sunset on an old pier during my last evening in Rockport, Texas. I went to Howard Murph Memorial Park to find a new scene.
Old Pier
I photographed this Old Pier at sunrise along Fulton Beach Road during my recent trip to Rockport ,Texas using my ND filter.
Foggy Fulton Pier
I decided to photograph the Fulton Pier along Fulton Beach in Rockport, Texas despite a Dense Fog Advisory during my recent trip to the area.
Captain Chen II
This photograph of the "Captain Chen II" was taken near Fulton Harbor in the Rockport, TX area during my trip there last week.
Aransas Cardinal
I photographed this Cardinal while hiking along the Heron Flats trail at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge during my trip to Rockport, TX.
I photographed this Heron at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge on the Big Tree trail during my recent trip to Rockport, Texas.
Pennybacker Bridge Reflection
I noticed that a friend of mine posted a time lapse of the Pennybacker Bridge at sunrise.I decided to photograph this great bridge as well.
Copano Bay Sunset
I captured this Copano Bay Sunset from the Howard Murph Memorial Park during my recent trip to Rockport, Texas. I photographed here before.
Feb 11
Back Home
I arrived back home yesterday afternoon from my trip to Rockport without incident. I traveled a total of 640 miles on the scooter.
Feb 10
Ferries and Gators
Yesterday was another busy day in the Rockport area. I rode two ferries to cross the channel and I saw several gators.
Feb 09
Fog and Gators
Yesterday was my first full day in Rockport and it was all about "Fog and Gators". My sunrise shot was "fogged out" and I saw a huge gator.
Feb 08
Howard Murph Memorial Park Setup
My trip to Rockport was without incident. After completing my planned activities I headed to Howard Murph Memorial Park for a sunset photo.
Feb 07
Travel Scooter
I'm really excited about my photography trip to Rockport, Texas on my "Travel Scooter". I plan to photograph Texas Birds and Landscapes.
Flying Egret
I photographed this Great Egret at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge near Rockport, Texas. I plan on being in the region later this week.
Rockport Beach Sunset
I was going through my photographs from last year's trip to the Texas Gulf Coast when I ran across this Rockport beach sunset photograph.
Nice Cheetah
I had the opportunity to pet this cheetah while visiting the Cheetah Rehabilitation Center in the northwestern region of South Africa.
Spider and Daisy
I photographed this spider and daisy in my studio Lightbox using LED lights and my "super macro" lens and the focus stacking technique.
Lynx Spider
I photographed this Lynx Spider during a trip to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center last September. I used the focus stacking technique.
Grand Teton View
I photographed this view of the Grand Teton mountains along the shore of String Lake a few minutes before the photograph I posted yesterday.
String Lake
The String Lake trail follows the String Lake shoreline. I found this interesting rock and decided that it would make a good foreground.
Elk in the Madison
I photographed this Bull Elk just as he was coming out of the Madison River during my visit to the Yellowstone National Park last fall.
Another Ladder-backed Woodpecker
I photographed this Ladder-backed Woodpecker at the Pedernales Falls State Park bird blind last summer. These are one of my favorite birds.
Texas State Capitol
I captured this night photograph of the Texas State Capitol in Austin, TX during a photowalk with some friends in 2012.
Teton Reflection
I photographed this Teton Reflection during a visit to Jackson Lake last fall. The Teton Mountain Range is an amazing mountain range.
Yellowstone Lake
I captured this photograph of Yellowstone Lake form the West Thumb Information Center (West Thumb Geyser Basin) in Yellowstone NP.
Orange Spring Mound
I captured this photograph of the Orange Spring Mound while visiting Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park last fall.
Artist’s Point View
If I were a painter I would certainly put Artist's Point in Yellowstone National Park high on my list of places to visit and paint from.
Yellowstone River
I captured this panorama of the Yellowstone River during a lunch stop along during my recent photography workshop in Yellowstone NP.
Chinese Spring
This photograph of Chinese Spring was taken after the photograph I took of Old Faithful during my last visit to Yellowstone National Park.
Excelsior Geyser Crater
I photographed the Excelsior Geyser Crater which is located near the Grand Prismatic Spring during my last trip to Yellowstone NP.
Crackling Lake
Crackling Lake is a geothermal feature in the Norris Geyser Basin which is part of the Yellowstone National Park.
Norris Geyser Basin
I captured this photograph from the boardwalk at the Norris Geyser Basin during my trip to Yellowstone National Park last fall.
Chisos Moonset
I photographed this moonset over the Chisos mountain last December during my fall trip to Big Bend NP. The sunrise light was perfect.
Terry’s Texas Rangers
Terry's Texas Rangers is not my favorite team nor anything to do with me. It does, however, play a very important part in Texas' history.
Mormon Row Barn
This photograph of the Mormon Row Barn was taken during my trip to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.
Austin 360
This photograph of the Goat Cheese and Beet appetizer from Barley Swine in Austin, TX was posted in the Austin 360 food section last Friday.
I photographed this Baboon at the Table Mountain National Park in South Africa last year. He was eating insects plucked from the grassy area.
Tidal Pool
I photographed this Tidal Pool at the Table Mountain National Park in South Africa. The park has many features and wildlife to photograph.
Penguin Braying
This is another African Penguin photograph taken near Simon's Town, South Africa during my trip to that great country last May.
Penguin Nest Builder
I photographed this Penguin Nest Builder during my trip to Simon's Town South Africa. The colony is located in the center of the town.
Little Bee-Eater Couple
I spotted this pair of Little Bee-Eaters while on a trip to South Africa last year. The male on the left brought food to the female.
Cape Point Lighthouse
I photographed the Cape Point Lighthouse during my trip to South Africa last year. We drove down from Cape Town to spend the day there.
Little Bee-Eater
I photographed this Little Bee-Eater at the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game-Reserve during my trip last May to South Africa.
African Sunrise
I photographed this African sunrise during my trip to South Africa last year. I kept looking for a lone tree and this one stood out.
Great Egret Shadow
Another photograph of a Great Egret from my trip to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge last year. This one is of a Great Egret Shadow.
Waiting Photographer
I captured this photograph of a waiting photographer during my trip to Rockport, TX last year. He patiently stood there until the sun set.
Bathing Bunting
I photographed this bathing bunting last year at the Pedernales Falls State Park bird blind. He was really making quite a splash.
Rockport Sunset
I captured this Rockport Sunset during my trip to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge last February to photograph the wonderful birds there.
Hamilton Pool Waterfall
A friend of mine had some free time so we made a day trip to the Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve to photograph the Hamilton Pool waterfall.
Happy New Year – 2017
Happy New Year! May 2017 bring you all great memories, joy, health and happiness. I look forward to sharing my work in the year ahead.
Best of 2016 – Storm Over Austin
Another 2016 highlight was this photograph of a storm over Austin last summer. I captured this panorama image from the Zilker Clubhouse.
Best of 2016 – Niagara Falls
Another memorable trip of 2016 was my trip to Buffalo, NY. I traveled across the border into Canada to visit Niagara Falls.
Best of 2016 – Baby Baboon
One of the 2016 highlights was the trip I made with some friends to South Africa. I captured this photograph of a Baby Baboon near Cape Town.
Best of 2016 – Balanced Rock Night Sky
I hiked up Grapevine Hills Trail to photographed the Milky Way Galaxy over Balanced Rock during my trip to Big Bend National Park last April.
Best of 2016 – Dell Match Play
Another great 2016 moment for me was the 2016 Dell Match Play Tournament. I was asked to photograph the course by the PGA Social Media team.
Best of 2016 – Fighting Egrets
Another great memory from 2016. I photographed these fighting egrets during a trip to Rockport, TX and the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas - Yellowstone is the only place in the United States where bison have lived continuously since prehistoric times.
Best of 2016 – Austin Live Music
I photographed Sam playing his Gibson guitar one night while I was downtown photographing the Austin Live Music scene.
Best of 2016 – Hamilton Pool
This photograph of Hamilton Pool was the first photograph in 2016 that was memorable to me. It was a nice, sunny day without a big crowd.
Dec 22
2016 Year in Review
As we near the end of 2016, I though it would be good idea to take a look-back at the last year and do a 2016 year in review.
Moonset Over Terlingua
I captured this photograph of the moonset over Terlingua during my last trip to Big Bend NP. We hiked up a small hill to this vantage point.
Glen Springs Sunrise and Moonset
I photographed Nugent Mountain and the Chisos Mountain Range from the Glen Springs area of Big Bend NP during a unique moonset and sunrise.
Elk in the Rain
I photographed this elk in the rain, a member of the Madison Elk Herd, during my trip to Yellowstone National Park last September.
I photographed this Lighthouse at sunrise from the overlook near the Pennybacker Bridge over Lake Austin during the last full moon of f2016.
Fall Sunrise Moonset
I photographed this fall sunrise moonset the this week when a friend and I went to the Pennybacker Bridge Overlook to photograph the scene.
Foggy Sunrise
One of my most memorable events during my recent trip to Yellowstone National Park was the foggy sunrise we spotted along the Madison River.
Last Super Moon of 2016
I wanted to take advantage of the last super moon of 2016 so I went to the top of the Pennybacker Bridge Overlook to photograph the full moon.
Microbial Mat
I photographed these microbial mats which form along the edges of the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.
Crooked Gayfeather
I photographed this crooked Gayfeather at the LBJ Wildflower Center last September. The Texas Gayfeather is one of my favorite wildflowers.
Grassy Sunrise
I photographed this Grassy Sunrise starburst during my last trip to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center last September.
I photographed this very large clump of Texas Gayfeathers at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center earlier this year.
Grant’s Monument
I passed by Grant's Monument while photographing the Chicago skyline from Lincoln Park and I decided to photograph the base of the monument.
Passion Butterfly Feeding
This photograph of a Passion Butterfly feeding on a flower was taken along the Blue Creek Canyon Trail in Big Bend National Park.
Badlands of Big Bend
Another sunset photograph of the Badlands of Big Bend NP. This location is now a regular stop during my photography trips to the park.
Passion Butterfly
I photographed this Passion Butterfly when hiking along the Blue Creek Trail in the Big Bend National Park last month.
South Rim Panorama
I decided to post this South Rim Panorama so you could get a feel for what a sunrise at the top of the South Rim at Big Bend NP looks like.
South Rim View
One of the most beautiful views in the entire Big Bend NP has to be the South Rim View. This vantage point showcases the Santa Elena Canyon.
Balance Rock Sunrise
A favorite hike in Big Bend NP is up the Grapevine Hills Trail to Balanced Rock. It was there where I captured another Balanced Rock Sunrise.
South Rim Sunrise
The most memorable activity from my last trip to Big Bend NP was the 12-mile hike to the South Rim where I captured this South Rim Sunrise.
One of the best things about seeing a Supermoonrise (a word I made up, by the way) is that it is so spectacular as it clears the horizon.
Moonrise over Castellan
I photographed the moonrise over Castellan Mountain at Big Bend National Park during a very rare event. The moon was larger than normal.
Sunrise Surf
This photograph of the sunrise surf is the last one of the photographs from my trip to Chicago over the Thanksgiving Holiday.
Bean End
Yesterday I posted a photograph of "The Bean" found in Millennium Park in Chicago. This photograph of the Bean End was taken shortly after.
The Bean
I captured this image of "The Beam" shortly after the photograph of the McCormick Tribune Skating Rink, both located in Millennium square.
Sunrise over Lake Michigan
I captured this photograph of a Sunrise over Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline during my recent trip to the Chicago area.
Chicago Skyline
I captured this photograph of the Chicago skyline from the bridge over the south pond at the Lincoln Park Zoo during my recent holiday trip.
Jenny Lake
I captured this photo of Jenny Lake during a visit the Grand Teton NP last September. The Overlook is a great place to view the scenery.